Holiday Cheer & Monsters


As we move into the Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ Etc. /New Year season, I just want to say thank you to all of you for following my writing journey. Whether I met you in the real world, on social media, at a comic con in NH or MD (or MA or NY—I guess I’ve been to a few haha), or at a craft fair, I just want you to know that I appreciate you and am grateful for each of you every day.

I love the messages I get on Instagram & Facebook, the emails, the replies to my newsletter, and the kind and supportive comments I get in the real world. While I could while away my hours drafting book after book at home alone, it is all of you that really make it worth it, and more than anything I am looking forward to sharing the launch of my next book (Tentacles and Teeth woohoo!!!) with you early next year.

As a gift, I'd love to send you a card (snail mail is one of my absolute favorite things)! If you would like to receive one (it's a fun holiday-themed monster card!), click here to fill out this secure form. 

Regardless of what holidays you and your family celebrate, I wish you the happiest of seasons and a wonderful new year!

And as always, it’s not too late to grab a book or two as a last minute Christmas gift. I recommend purchasing one on Amazon (hooray for two-day shipping) because while I might not be able to get it to you in time, they certainly will. Click here to browse my selection of works, including Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep, The Sagittan Chronicles, and various anthologies. If you have any questions, email me ( or hit me up on your preferred social media network.

Happy Holidays! <3