For those of you that are in a hurry, here is a short version of my About Me in haiku form: 

I am Ariele
I write books and carry ducks
My three cats are weird

For those of you who have a little more time or want to know a little bit more about me, here are a few more details.

  • I have 12 books published: All In: The Prequel, The Wounded World, The Clock Winked, The Lonely Whelk, The Polylocus Problem, and a bunch of Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep books. I am also currently working on releasing my newest project, Land of Szornyek, over on Patreon. Check out Rutherford and the Sagittan Chronicles here, and click here for Patreon.
  • I do not own the ducks--my parents own the ducks.
  • I used to live in NH; in 2017 I moved to Baltimore!
  • I like to plant things.
  • My coworkers are absurdly ineffective. 
  • Terry Pratchett is my favourite author (along with Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Carl Sagan).
  • Sometimes I give books away for free. (Click here for a free book!)
  • I have two brothers and two parents and two grandparents; three cats, one dog, and one fish; and one husband.
  • I tried to write this page in alliterative prose and failed. This is as far as I got: "Being brainy, bright, and brilliant from birth, I wasted no week; I began building works, writing word after word for burgeoning books." 
  • Not all of my writing costs money, and here are some links: