Rutherford and the Bees

Welcome to Rutherford's new blog! Look around, have some fun!
As a welcoming gift, Rutherford and Wilfred have left you a picture of them looking into a beehive.

Were there bees? you ask.
Why yes, yes there were.

But don't worry. No one got stung.

Anyway, Rutherford welcomes you to his new blog. He will be posting pictures in his photo album regularly, so check back!

Rutherford Goes on a Blind Date, Part 2

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Previously, Rutherford the Unicorn-sheep arrives at the restaurant, only to find that Wilfred the Walnut Skunk is sitting at the next table over! He was quite annoyed...

"Wilfred," Rutherford the Unicorn-sheep exclaimed. 
"Please stop slurping! It's rude!"

"Rutherford!" said Wilfred. "I didn't know you were here!"
"That's not true!" Rutherford replied angrily. "I told you I was coming here!"

"When?" Wilfred asked innocently. "I don't remember that... 
you did say you were going on a date..."

"You were helping me with my bow tie!!!" Rutherford protested.

"Gentlemen," the delightfully British waiter interrupted.

"I believe the lady has arrived."

"And I get to meet her!" exclaimed Wilfred, turning to look. 
He gasped as she stepped into view.

"S-s-s-spike!" Rutherford stuttered.

"Hello, Rutherford," she said in her deliciously rich voice. 
"It's good to see you. Do you work here now?"

Rutherford opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.
She just smiled and turned her gaze towards Wilfred.
"Hello there," she said. "You must be my date. I'm Spike."

"I'm Wilfred." A huge smile spread across his walnut-face.

"Please, join me," he gestured towards Rutherford's table, 
"at this beautifully prepared table."

Rutherford watched silently as Wilfred easily flirted and chatted with Spike.

Rutherford thought they were a slightly odd looking couple--
but who was he to judge? It's not as if he even wanted to date her...

"You look stunning," Rutherford heard Wilfred say. 
Rutherford turned to exit with Dalek.

"Goodbye, Rutherford," Spike said as he left.

"Dreadfully sorry," Dalek said in his delightfully British accent. "But,
your bow tie is very cool."
"Bow ties are cool," Rutherford agreed.

When Rutherford got home, he put on his favourite sweater,
and served himself a bowl of ice cream.

Then he put on his favourite TV show.

Wilfred arrived at the beginning of the last episode of Season 6.
"How did it go?" Rutherford asked.

He turned to look at the computer screen and settled down next to Rutherford.
"Oh it was fine," Wilfred replied. "We had dinner and went to see a movie."

"But honestly, she was just too tall."

The End

Rutherford Goes on a Blind Date, Part 1

Wilfred was jealous. Rutherford was going on a blind date.
"I want to go on a blind date," Wilfred said. 

 "Maybe next time I can ask the grocery store bagger to find 
someone for you," Rutherford offered, 
straightening his bow-tie.

"Where are you taking her?" Wilfred asked.
"To that fancy restaurant, the Library," Rutherford replied.

Rutherford arrived a few minutes early.
"Reservation for two," 
he said to the giant elephant that stood in front of him.

Rutherford looked around. It was a very fancy restaurant.

"My name is Dalek," the waiter said in a thick British accent, 
"and I will be serving you tonight." 

Dalek led Rutherford to his table.

It was very fancy, with a candle and flower petals scattered across the table top.

Rutherford checked to make sure everything was perfect.
"Um, excuse me," he said. "This candle wick isn't in the center. Could we have a different candle?"

Rutherford watched as Dalek the waiter switched candles with the other table.

"That's perfect! Thank you!"

Rutherford sat down to wait. 
His blind date wasn't due for another ten minutes.

Across the room, Dalek seated another customer. 
Rutherford turned to look at all the books decorating the library.
He wondered what the name of his date was.

But, as he was perusing the shelves, he heard a loud, 
unbecoming slurping from the other side of the room.

Rutherford turned, irritated, and was shocked to see...


To be continued...

Rutherford Takes the Dog for a Walk

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep decided to take Coco, 
Grandma's dog, for a walk.

It was quite warm for the beginning of March, and Coco was excited. She liked walks.

They walked down the driveway, towards the road.

Coco stopped to sniff at the snow.

Then she stopped to sniff at the mailbox.
Rutherford was tired of waiting, so he tugged on the leash.

Coco ran out into the road!
Rutherford was starting to get a little bit annoyed.

She started to run!
Rutherford had to jog to keep up.

After a few minutes, Rutherford knew he needed to slow down.
"Coco!" he yelled. "Sit!" 
Coco ignored him.

Instead, she took a sharp left turn down a narrow dirt path towards the woods.
"Coco, heel!" Rutherford yelled.

The path got muddier and muddier as Coco tried to escape.
Rutherford could barely keep up.

Coco leaped over a large snowbank and headed straight for the trees.
"Coco, NO!"

The trees were tall and scary. Rutherford felt very small.

Rutherford wasn't walking anymore. He felt like he was flying
as Coco bolted up a small hill.

He bounced along behind her until suddenly...

Coco stopped!
Rutherford went flying!

The world spun all around; Rutherford didn't know what was up or down. 
He even let go of the leash.
"Grandma is going to be so mad," he thought 
as he hit the ground with a THUMP!

He groaned softly. His head hurt.

Slowly he opened his eyes.

The world looked strangely white. 
He thought for a moment that he was dreaming.

He carefully stood and then realized...
he was standing on a pond!!! 
He was lucky to have landed on a pile of leaves!

He looked behind him. Coco had gotten her leash caught on a stump.
"Well that's a relief," Rutherford sighed.

A bridge made of leaves spanned the gap between the ice and the ground.
He stepped carefully across...

...until he was safely on the other side.

Rutherford untangled Coco's leash from the stump,

and they raced home.

Rutherford gladly left Coco with Grandma and headed home.

And when he had arrived, he found that Wilfred had made him dinner.
It was good to be home.

The end.

Rutherford Builds a Snowman

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go play in the snow.

So Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep put on all four of his sweaters
and opened the door.

It was very cold and dark outside.

First they played tag. Wilfred laughed a lot 
because he could run faster than Rutherford.
"This is fun!" Wilfred exclaimed.

Wilfred got bored.
"Let's stomp my name in the snow!" he said.

"Let's build a snowman instead!" Rutherford suggested.

The snowman grew and grew and grew...

...until it was huge!
"Let's name it Roger," Rutherford suggested.
"FLAKEBOMB!" Wilfred shouted. "Let's take him home."

They went inside. Rutherford took off three of his 
sweaters and Wilfred wiped his feet.

Then they set Roger Flakebomb the Snowman on a plate on the stove.

"Let's dress him up!" Wilfred suggested.

"With my cape!" Rutherford chimed in. 

"Obviously he needs a unicorn horn," said Wilfred,
sticking a match in Flakebomb's head.

"And tacks for eyes!" Rutherford added.
"We need more ideas." Wilfred ran to the junk drawer.

There was a lot of stuff in there.

They looked everywhere!

And at everything!

"I have an idea!" Rutherford yelled from across the room. "Duct tape!"

Rutherford carefully cut the duct tape. Wilfred helped.

"What is it?" Wilfred asked.

"It's a sword! Now we can call him Sir Roger!"
"Sir Flakebomb!" Wilfred argued.

"Well I'm filling his plate with marbles," said Wilfred, 
filling Sir Roger Flakebomb's plate with marbles.

But Rutherford noticed that he didn't look so well.

Then his eyes popped out!

"He's not looking too well," Rutherford said as Sir Roger's head fell off.
"Maybe he's getting sick."

So he went to the medicine cabinet to get some medicine.

But when he returned, Sir Roger looked worse than ever!

"Wheeee!" Wilfred yelled, jumping from the medicine bottle
onto the pile of snow.

"Stop it!" Rutherford cried, as Wilfred crashed right through.

"I'm going to take care of him!" Rutherford insisted.

"Well I'm bored now." Wilfred climbed out of the mess and 
sauntered away.

Rutherford carefully gathered the snowman's 
belongings and dried them off.

He then put everything together neatly.
"One day, Sir Roger," Rutherford whispered to the mostly melted snowman,
"I will build you again, and we can be friends."

"Look at me!" Wilfred interrupted, leaping onto 
the glass that contained Sir Roger Flakebomb.

"I'm balancing!"
"I hope you fall in," Rutherford muttered.

All of a sudden, Wilfred slipped.
"Oh no!" he exclaimed. "The dead Sir Flakebomb 
is going to turn me into a zombie! Help!"

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep chuckled and casually sauntered off 
to make himself a cup of hot chocolate.

Rutherford Makes Stir Fry

Wilfred was grumpy.

But Rutherford was hungry. He decided to cook dinner.

First he got out his favourite stir fry pan.

Wilfred glared, slowly getting grumpier and grumpier. 

Rutherford started the rice next.

He checked the time so he wouldn't overcook it.

"I'm going to have more fun that you!" Wilfred called
as he began to run up and down the walls.

"Please don't leave footprints," Rutherford replied, 
painstakingly preparing the sauce.

"I can do whatever I want!" 
Wilfred tried to stick his tail in the electrical outlet.

Rutherford chopped the vegetables...

...cooked the meat...

And carefully added it all together.

Meanwhile, Wilfred built an impenetrable fortress in the pantry.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?" Rutherford asked.
"You can't come in!" Wilfred said.

Wilfred watched jealously as wonderful smells wafted into his impenetrable fortress.

"I made you a plate!" Rutherford called.

Wilfred ate it all. When he was finished, 
he found that he wasn't grumpy anymore!

And he even helped do the dishes.

The end.

Jenna's Stir Fry

Serves 3
1 lb boneless beef sirloin top round steak
2 TB cornstarch
1 can (10 ½ oz. size) beef broth
2 TB soy sauce
2 TB vegetable oil
3C cut-up vegetables
¼ tsp garlic powder
Hot cooked rice

Directions: slice beef into very thin strips. Mix cornstarch, broth and soy until smooth.
Set aside.

Heat oil in skillet. Add beef and stir-fry until browned and juices evaporate. Push beef to one side of skillet. Add vegetables and garlic powder and stir-fry until tender-crisp. Stir the cornstarch mixture and add to skillet. Cook until mixture boils and thickens, stirring constantly.
Serve over rice.

Tip: if the beef is slightly frozen, it will be easier to slice.

Rutherford and the Abominable Snow Creature, Part 2

Previously, Rutherford got lost, only to find a trail which he hoped would lead him home. Instead, he encountered a ferocious beast...

Rutherford was terrified! He began to run.

The creature sniffed at him. 
Rutherford lunged forward, sprinting with all his might.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something...

The creature was chewing on another small animal! Oh no!
What would happen to him? Was this to be his fate as well?

He ran faster.

And faster and faster and faster...

...he didn't stop or look behind him...

...he just kept running...

...until suddenly, in front of him, he saw a set of familiar steps.
He leaped up each one...

...and made a beeline for Grandma's front door. 
He was not lost anymore!

As soon as he made it inside, he breathed a sigh of relief. 
He was safe.

Grandma made him a cup of hot cocoa, 
and then offered to let him take a nap on the couch. 
BUT, as he made his way into the living room 
he saw something terrible...

The Abominable Snow Creature had found him again!

The End.

Rutherford Goes to an Amusement Park

Rutherford seemed to be having difficulty finding friends, 
so he decided to post an ad on Craigslist.

He wrote, "My name is Rutherford and I am looking for a friend." 
To his surprise, he got a reply almost immediately!

They agreed to meet the next day at Ewe-nique Playdium Amusement Park.
Rutherford was quite pleased.

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was waiting patiently when Rutherford arrived.

They said hello. Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go on the 
Cataclysmic Ewe-See-I-Saw Ride first.

Rutherford climbed on first. He waited until Wilfred climbed on the other side.

But as soon as Wilfred the Walnut Skunk got on, his end swung down, Rutherford's end swung up...

...and Rutherford went flying!!!

The whole world rushed by...

...until suddenly the ground seemed quite large and dangerous...

Rutherford hit the the ground with a loud thump!! He groaned. 
His front left hoof hurt, but otherwise, he was okay.

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go on the Woolly Wonky Whammer Slide next.

"Wheeee!" he exclaimed as he gleefully slid down the smooth surface.

Rutherford, on the other hand, tumbled uncomfortably, head over hoofs to the bottom.
He felt quite woozy at the end.

"I get to pick next," declared Rutherford as he surveyed the spinning landscape.

"This one is fun," he said, climbing on the Mildly Bouncy Seahorse Ride.

But Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was enthralled by the most menacing ride: 
the Treacherous T-Rex Turbulantinator.

He scampered all the way right up to the top. 
"You can see everything from up here, Rudy!" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk called.
All of a sudden...

...the Treacherous T-Rex Turbulantinator whipped his head back 
and caught Wilfred in his gaping jaws!
"I'm coming to save you!" Rutherford called after a moment of debilitating panic. 

He leaped from the seat of the Mildly Bouncy Seahorse straight into the jaws of the
Treacherous T-Rex Tubulantinator!

He dragged Wilfred the Walnut Skunk to safety and they tumbled to the ground.

He lay on the ground, stunned.

"Rudy! Are you okay?" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk exclaimed. "You saved my life!"
Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep smiled.

It seemed that Rutherford had finally found a new friend!

The end.

Rutherford and the Abominable Snow Creature, Part 1

One morning, Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep decided to take a walk, 
so he put on his favourite scarf.

It was a beautiful day with freshly fallen snow glittering all around.

It took a few minutes to get down the steps, 
but soon he was on his way!

He saw lots of interesting things on his walk: a stick...

...some bushes...

...and a forest.

But soon everything started to look the same--like snow!

Rutherford was completely lost!

He began to panic and tried to run, 
but the snow grabbed at his feet and tried to drag him under!

He kept running until up in the distance he saw a mountain.

He pretended to be his cousin, Billy the Unicorn-Goat, 
and scrambled up the mountain as fast as he could.

He looked and looked, but all could see was snow.

Suddenly he saw a trail!

He followed it carefully, sure it would lead him somewhere safe.

But then, out of the corner of his eye, Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep 
spotted something dangerous, terrifying, and really scary...

The Abominable Snow Creature!!! be continued...

Rutherford Has A Playdate

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep was excited. Today he had a playdate with his new friend! As soon as he got there, he knew he was going to have a great time.

His new friend Goblin seemed very friendly. They started playing right away.

Goblin wanted to play cat and mouse, but Rutherford said he didn't feel like running.

So Rutherford suggested they have a staring contest instead.

After a while, they got bored, so Goblin suggested they play adventure. First Rutherford pretended to be very sick, so they went on a quest to find the cure.

Then, Goblin saved Rutherford from falling down a cliff!
But before they could finish the quest, Goblin's mom came in and told them it was time to take a quick nap.

Rutherford slept very well, but then Goblin's mom came back to say that it was time to go. 

So, Goblin gave Rutherford a hug.

Rutherford liked his new best friend. 
They said goodbye.

All in all, Rutherford decided, it had been a great day!

The end.

Rutherford Goes On A Date

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep was lonely.
There never seemed to be anyone around.

So, he decided to try E-Harmony.
To his surprise, he got a match!

They set a time: it was a date!

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep spent a lot of time getting ready.
He had to look just right.

He arrived at the restaurant right on time.

The waiter ushered him to table 5.

She was beautiful!

He imagined taking her on on romantic strolls...

...painting together...

...whispering sweet nothings in the library...

...fighting dangerous beasts...

...and playing game after game after game...

...after game after game of Bananagrams.

He wanted to give her the entire universe.

"Hello Rutherford," the beautiful lady said. "I'm Spike, the Unicorn-Giraffe."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep stammered.

"Nice to meet you too," Spike the Unicorn-Giraffe replied. "But really, you're too short."
And she left.

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep was alone once more.

The End.

The Very First Epidsode

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep was feeling uninspired.

He tried everything: Reading...


...hay bale jumping...


...but, even Battlestar Galactica didn't help.

So Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep decided to make himself a friend.

Rutherford found paper and a pen.

He began to draw.

He drew and drew and drew until...

His new best friend. "Hello. My name is Ariele, the Unicorn-Human."

Then, to Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep's surprise...

...Ariele the Unicorn-Human sat up...

And she grew!!!

"Rutherford, Unicorn-Sheep," Ariele the Unicorn-Human exclaimed. "Let's be friends."
Rutherford smiled.

A new friend.

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep had found his inspiration.

The end.