Photo Album

Browse through a few of Rutherford's favourite pictures... with friends, plants, and animals!

Among the beasts!

At the beach!

Inside the hotel

What we saw our first morning !

By the ocean!

A very large mushroom!

The bike trail to Earthquake Park!

Goblin licking Wilfred.

Rutheford, Wilfred, and the creepy pink face.

Rutherford and Coco: stare-down!!!

Rutherford, Wilfred, and Dalek read a bedtime story:

Big Pets

, by Lane Smith.

Wilfred picks up Rutherford in the backhoe.

A new snowman! (Spoiler!)

Rutherford and Wilfred watch a train go by.

Peter discusses safety at Garreson Lumber.

Rutherford and Coco in the snow.

Wilfred in a plant.

Rutherford with Goblin.

This is Ruthie, Rutherford's cousin in North Carolina!

Rutherford in Vermont.