Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep and Wilfred the Walnut Skunk are two fun loving animals who live in a world that is much too large for them, but manage to have a great time anyway. They go on weekly adventures involving other similarly-sized creatures, bits and pieces of living life, and the excitement of living inside our very own universe. 

Meet Rutherford! He is quite cute, although he has this less-endearing quality of toppling over whenever a breeze rustles his little fibrous wool coat. There is one thing I just want to make clear--you know, to avoid any lawsuits: Rutherford is not a real unicorn-sheep. He is stuffed. I would never subject a real unicorn-sheep to the torturous ruminations of my mildly evil but mostly just insane cat and/or my grandmother's dog.

Meet Wilfred the Walnut Skunk! Wilfred is a fun-loving Walnut Skunk with a felt underbelly and a pipe cleaner tail. He loves to climb trees, eat bees, and likes to take long walks on short bridges. He is an adrenaline junkie and one day hopes to jump off of a running dog, and maybe even go to space.