5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Rutherford

You probably noticed that Rutherford has a new book out. It was a sneaky release, yes, but nonetheless it's now available. In celebration, we thought we would give you a sneak (get it? sneaky--sneak?) peek into some fun little things about Rutherford!

1. Rutherford's unicorn horn is made out of a q-tip. 

rutherford smiling

Yes. A q-tip. If you pulled it out of his head (please don't--that would hurt!) you would see a little bit of fabric on the other other end. 

2. Rutherford's middle name is The.

rutherford and wilf and sky

You probably never thought about it, but his full name is "Rutherford The Unicorn-Sheep." But I won't show you his birth certificate, so don't ask.

3. Rutherford's birthday is September 13th. 

rutherford staring

That's a Tuesday this year.

4. Rutherford doesn't like ketchup.

rutherford wilfred in kitchen

He complains that it is too acidic, and prefers to eat raw tomatoes. He also worries that it will stain his lovely fur.

5. Rutherford wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

rutherford and josh

The universe is huge, and Rutherford thinks it would be amazing to experience something so astronomical as outer space. He is working on designs for a space helmet that would envelop his unicorn horn.