Rutherford's Thanksgiving Special

It's almost time for that wonderful day filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, mashed potatoes, football, and mashed potatoes. Did I mention there will be mashed potatoes? That's right--Thanksgiving! And to celebrate, Rutherford wants to share a little excerpt from his amazing Thanksgiving experience with the Walnut Skunk Family.


Stack 'Em and Whack 'Em


Rutherford was having a wonderful time at the Walnut Skunk Family Thanksgiving.



Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was too!



"I think," Wilfred said to Rutherford, "that it's time to introduce you to our favourite family Thanksgiving tradition!"



"What's that?" asked Rutherford.



"WALNUT SKUNK STACKING!" Wilfred exclaimed.



At Wilfred's exclamation, all of the other Walnut Skunks turned and cheered!



"You start with two Walnut Skunks," Wilfred exclaimed as his cousin Speve hopped up on his back.



"And then three of us!" Speve exclaimed as Mo climbed up on his back.



"Isn't this dangerous?" Rutherford asked, noting that Wilfred's tail was beginning to shake with exertion.



"It's fine!" Wilfred protested as Snowflake, one of the little twins, scrambled up her uncle's back to the top of the Walnut Skunk stack. Rutherford could see Speve's muscles beginning to shake too.
"So what do I have to do with it?" Rutherford asked.



Before Wilfred could answer, his tail gave out and the stack collapsed into a furry pile of Walnut Skunks.


Wilfred wiggled out of the pile of Walnut Skunks. "We've only ever managed to get a stack of four," he said in response to Rutherford's question. "But with you... why, we could get at least five!"



Speve hopped up onto Rutherford's back. "Let's go!" he exclaimed. Rutherford hardly noticed the extra weight.



Then Wilfred hopped up as all the other Walnut Skunks cheered them on. Rutherford was strong and barely noticed the weight of the two Walnut Skunks on his back.
"We should switch places," Wilfred said. "I'm stronger than you!"
Again, Rutherford barely noticed as the Walnut Skunks moved around on his back.



Then, another cousin ran up the stack to the very top and balanced there carefully. Now Rutherford was starting to notice their weight.



"You can do one more!" Mo called from the ground.



Everyone held their breath as Rascal, the other twin, carefully climbed all the way to the top of the stack of Walnut Skunks/Unicorn Sheep.



Rutherford held strong! Everyone cheered.



All of a sudden, Rutherford could feel Wilfred starting to wiggle around on his back. "I can't... I can't..."
"Hold it!" Speve called out. "You can do it!"



Everyone gasped as the stack of Walnut Skunks came tumbling down in a pile of fur and squeals.



Rutherford was concerned. He didn't want any of the Walnut Skunks to get hurt. But to his surprise, everyone around him began to cheer.



"We did it!" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk yelled from the bottom of the pile of Walnut Skunks. "We beat the record for most highest stack!"



The Walnut Skunks in the pile untangled themselves, and then the whole family surrounded Rutherford, smiling and congratulating them.



Rutherford smiled. This was definitely the best Thanksgiving ever.


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