Rutherford Visits Los Angeles

Rutherford loved to fly in airplanes, so he decided to visit Los Angeles.

When he got there, he decided that he wanted to see the whole city!

He started with cacti. At first he thought they were called cactuses, but they explained that they preferred the Latin plural. They weren't the only plant he saw.

He had never seen anything like the Bird of Paradise flower in New England! It was very orange and blue.

This flower was cool, too. It did not smell like anything.

It seemed like Los Angeles had EVERYTHING! Palm trees...





...even the whole solar system!

One of Rutherford's favourite sites was the famous Hollywood sign. He was surprised it was so famous - it didn't look much bigger than he was!

After a while, he got lost - but then he found himself again.

When he was tired, he headed back to the five star Gordon Resort and lay down on the silk bed, only to realize he was hungry. As he headed towards the kitchen, he suddenly realized...

...he wasn't alone!

"Ahem," he said, quietly, a little scared. He hoped they were friendly. "I think they double-booked this room."
The grey one turned to look at him. Rutherford felt nervous and began to back up.

Then it stepped on him! As if he wasn't even there! Rutherford was starting to feel mad. He wished Wilfred was there to yell at the big creatures.

He ran to the bed, but somehow he didn't quite feel safe. He needed to get to the phone and call the hotel manager.

He leaped back as the cat reached out its claws! He was right to be nervous!

It reached up again. Rutherford backed up again, and then frowned. The cat was big enough to jump right onto the bed! Why was it staying on the floor?

All of a sudden he realized: the cat just wanted to play! Rutherford laughed.

"After I eat," he said to the cats, "then I'll play with you."

They seemed okay with that.

After dinner, Rutherford played with Henry and Pinball all afternoon!

He had so much fun in Los Angeles that the crop circles he saw on the way home didn't scare him one bit!

Rutherford decided that he would definitely go back one day!

The End.