Ruthie Goes to a Concert

Dear Rutherford,

Hi! Guess what. My friends and I went to a concert last week! Auntie Meredith took us. It was in the mountains and it was so beautiful. This is what the mountains look like here:

Aren't they beautiful, Rutherford?

So we went for a hike ALL the way to the top of the mountain, and then something SCARY happened. We saw a snake! It was a copperhead! Those are very dangerous and can kill you. Luckily, Uncle Mitch saved us!

We were very scared.

But then we arrived, and we had backstage passes! That meant that we got to watch the band set up. We met Mark Berger and Candace Pearson IN PERSON! It was so cool!!! 

Then the concert started. It was awesome! Mark and Candace are sooooo good!

We loved all the songs! They were great and fun, and the sky was so beautiful. Me and my friends took lots and lots and lots of pictures. We really want to see them play again.

And guess what else, Rutherford. He sang to me!!! I got my own song! I have never been so happy in my life. It was like all of my dreams came true!!! I think I might marry him. Do you think he's too old for me? I think we would be perfect for each other. I hung his picture in my bedroom. Don't tell Auntie Meredith, though. She says I'm too young to get married. But I'm not! That's for sure! I'll invite you to the wedding, Rutherford!

Afterwards, we all got him to sign things! I had him sign a napkin, which I kissed before he signed it, so it was basically like we were kissing. And he held my hand while he was singing to me, so I'm never washing that again until we get married.

My friend Bearie says she's going to marry him, but she's wrong. We're not speaking to each other right now, but I'm sure that soon enough she'll come to understand that he and I are meant for each other.

Anyway, Rutherford, how are you? I loved your letter from Alaska. It looked like such an amazing trip!! Next time, I want to come too! Auntie Meredith loved the pictures. She says she is so proud of you for being so brave and going so far away!

Write me back!