Rutherford Goes on a Date... with Willow

Rutherford was excited. Willow was on her way! 
He had his bathing suit on already, and was just waiting for her to arrive.

"Hi!" Rutherford said shyly.
"Hi, Rutherford," Willow smiled. 

Willow looked around. "It's beautiful out here."
"Let's go down to the water," Rutherford said.

Meanwhile, someone was watching...

"The water is so clear!" Willow exclaimed, as they walked out on the dock.
"I'm glad you like it," Rutherford replied shyly.

"Do you want to go swimming?" 
"Not yet," Willow replied. "Let's go to the end of the dock."

Nearby, Wilfred was also looking at the water.

The walked to the end of the dock, and climbed onto the back of the boat.

"It's beautiful!" Willow exclaimed as they gazed out over the water.
"Thank you for bringing me here."
"You're welcome," Rutherford replied.

All of a sudden, "Hi!"
Wilfred jumped in front of them.
"What are you doing here?" Rutherford asked. "This is my date!"
"Can't let you be dating my cousin without supervision! Now let's play!"

"Let's try to get rid of him," Rutherford whispered. 
Willow jumped on Rutherford's back and they went strolling along edge of the boat.
"This is fun!" Willow laughed.

"I want to come too!" Wilfred exclaimed, jumping up on Rutherford's back with Willow.

"Wilfred!" Rutherford exclaimed. "Can you please leave us alone?"
"It's okay, Rutherford," Willow interrupted. "He can play for a little while. We can have dinner later."
"Oh boy!" Wilfred exclaimed. "Let's go play on the steering wheel!"

Wilfred ran straight for the throttle. "I"ll make us go fast!" he exclaimed.

"I'm going to look around," Willow said.
Wilfred followed her. "What's in there?" he asked.

He inched forward. "Oops!" he exclaimed as Willow tumbled into the hole.

Then, from the dashboard, Rutherford heard a scream.
"Willow!" he shouted.

"It was an accident," she said. "I'm fine, I was just... surprised."
"I get it," Rutherford said. "Wilfred pushed you in. Well, here, let me help you out then."

He bent down. "Hook your tail around my unicorn horn."

"Oh, Rutherford!" Willow exclaimed. "You're my hero!!"
Rutherford blushed.

Rutherford and Willow found Wilfred sitting on a bench.
"Here's the thing," said Rutherford. "You and I can play tomorrow. But Willow and I want some time to ourselves."
"But I want to play too!" Wilfred protested.
"Say sorry," Rutherford said. "For pushing Willow."
"Sorry," Wilfred mumbled.

"It's okay," Willow said, smiling. "I'm okay. And you can stick around, just give us some space."
"Okay," said Wilfred.

And so, Rutherford and Willow spent a lovely rest of the day, frolicking by the lakeside, and Wilfred gave them space.

The End.