Rutherford and the Daleks

Rutherford was watching a train go by, when suddenly, something strange appeared outside the window.
"Hm, I wonder what that is," he pondered, staring intently.

"Wilfred!" he called. "Come look at this!"
Wilfred scuttled to the window.

"There sure are a lot!" Wilfred exclaimed. "What are they?"
"I don't know!" Rutherford replied.

"They seem to be escorting the train," he suggested after they watched for a few more minutes.
Wilfred agreed.

All of a sudden, a strange box appeared. Out of thin air!
A man in a long coat leaped out and sprinted out of sight. All of the creatures turned to look at him.

Then there was a bright flash of light!

Then, the man reappeared, glanced at Rutherford and Wilfred, and winked.
"He winked!" Wilfred exclaimed.

And then the box and the man disappeared, and only the train remained.

The end.