Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 3

After freeing Rutherford, Steve looked around.

"Where is Flower?" he demanded, and ran off to look for her.

"You should kiss me," said Wilfred.
"No!" Flower replied. "I'm dating Steve, remember?"

At that moment, Steve leaped out of the bushes.
"What are you doing with my girlfriend?" he demanded.
Wilfred hid behind a lilac.

Then Steve leaped. "I can't believe you would try to steal my girlfriend!"
"I was just being nice!" Wilfred protested. "Stop attacking me!"

"Not until you apologize!" said Steve, jumping up and down on Wilfred.
"But I didn't do anything!" Wilfred gasped.

"You asked her to kiss you!" Steve said loudly.
"Isn't that what friends do?" Wilfred asked.

"NO!" roared Steve as they tumbled treacherously close to Flower.

Flower peeked out at them from behind a lilac.
"I don't suppose you could talk this out?" she asked.

Steve jumped to the ground and turned to face Wilfred.
"Apologize." He scowled. "Or else."

"Okay, okay!" Wilfred sighed. "I am sorry."
"Thank you," Steve said. "And don't go near my girlfriend again."

Wilfred sighed as they walked slowly away, curling their tails together.
"Well that plan didn't work!" he muttered.

He headed back towards the main party. Everyone seemed very jolly.

At least Rutherford seemed to be having a good time.

"Rutherford!" he yelled. "I'm ready to go home!"

Rutherford began to say goodbye to everyone.
"Come on!" Wilfred exclaimed. "You're taking forever!"

He wandered closer to where Rutherford was saying goodbye to Steve and Speve.
"I hate you," Wilfred said, and stalked off.

"Bye, Rutherford!" Willow said, running up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for saving me! I'll miss you! Facebook me!"
"I will," Rutherford agreed, grinning.

"Oh good grief!" Wilfred exclaimed. "What are the chances of a Unicorn-Sheep getting a girl at a walnut skunk reunion? Zero! Zero, I tell you! And yet, somehow, this guy...!" Wilfred sighed loudly. "Can we go now?

"Of course, best friend!" Rutherford replied.

And they walked off as the family shouted goodbye.

All in all, thought Rutherford, that was a great day. The best I've ever had.
I hate Steve, Wilfred thought.

And over in the lilacs, something very special was happening...

...the end.