Rutherford's Pen Pal

On Thursday, Rutherford received a letter from his pen pal, Ruthie. He was very excited.

Dear Rutherford, 
How are you? I have been doing great! Auntie Meredith took me on an adventure... catch this... in Rutherford County! We took a picture!

We went to a cave and saw some giant rock cave paintings by Indians from a very long time ago. Aren't they cool? I think they are wolves and that they are talking to each other. There are also lichens on the rock. If I were smaller, I've always thought it would be neat to meet a lichen! I think they would have very calm and interesting personalities.

We also picked flowers. I like this kind. They are pretty and blue. I don't know what they're called though. I picked one for Auntie Meredith.

I'll also met a lot of new friends today! This is Flippy the Frog. He smiles a lot and told me he likes to eat Chinese food and play with legos. I like to play with legos too. 

This one is named Mr. Bear. His fur is sooooo soft! We played tag for a while, and he let me ride on his back. Isn't that awesome?!

Helen was very busy looking for food so she didn't have time to play with me, but she told me all about flying and how she loves to feel the air rushing underneath her wings and the sun beating down on her feathers.

Ollie is very smart. He knows a lot of things about EVERYTHING. He told me about stars and the universe and outer space and leaves and cells and quarks and all sorts of things! I think he's probably read eight million encyclopedias!!

And last but not least, this is my yogo friend, YELP. He's SO COOL. We do yoga together and talk. He is teaching me all kinds of things, like how to breathe different, and how to hold my arms in cool positions. We hang out a lot. And he lives on this mountain, so, if he had a beard, he'd be just like one of those old men that sits on a mountain and is smart!

Anyway, write back soon, Rutherford! I can't wait to hear from you! And I'll have so much more to write next time I send you a letter, you won't even be able to finish it!

Bye, Rutherford!!!

Your friend,