Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 2

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Willow and Rutherford watched Wilfred walk away, wondering what his secret plan was.

Rutherford turned to look at all the Walnut Skunks when suddenly he heard a loud THUMP.

He spun around, only to find that the water bottle had fallen on Willow!
"I'll save you!" he said.

Rutherford rolled under the water bottle so Willow could escape.
"You're a hero!" the other skunks cried.

"There's one problem," said Rutherford. "I'm stuck.

Meanwhile, Wilfred was talking to Flower. 
"Poor Rutherford!" she cried.

"This is scary!" Wilfred said, as Steve ran off to help rescue Rutherford. 
"Let's go for a walk until they get him all rescued."

"Are you okay?" Willow asked. "You saved me!"
"I'm fine," Rutherford replied, smiling.

Speve and Uncle Snowball examined the situation carefully.
"This is goin'ta be mighty difficult," Uncle Snowball said.

"I can help!" Steve ran up and put his nose under the water bottle. "We just have to get it rolling until it rolls off!"

"That's a good idea," said Rutherford as the skunks got to work.

Meanwhile, Wilfred was flirting with Flower.
"I think you're pretty," he said.
"Thank you, said Flower.

"I got you a flower, just like your name." Wilfred handed her a lilac.
"This is very pretty," said Flower. "But I have a boyfriend. Steve. I like him."

"Oh, he's not that great," Wilfred said. "I mean, he's albino! My walnut skin is perfect. I'm also way more interesting."

Flower sighed. 

The skunks began to roll the bottle; Steve and Speve pushed from the bottom while Uncle Snowball ran on the top.

"Almost there!" Steve yelled, just as... KERPLUNK!

It worked! Rutherford was free!

Thanks!" Rutherford exclaimed, catching his breath.

"You're a hero!" Willow exclaimed, and she kissed his cheek.

At that moment, Steve noticed something...
"Where's my girlfriend?" he asked.

To be continued...