Rutherford Goes to Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 1

Rutherford followed Wilfred and Wilhemina into the hall where the Walnut Skunks had their yearly family reunion. They were greeted by Grandpa Jones.

"This is my best friend, Rutherford," said Wilfred. "Rutherford, this is Grandpa Jones."

"It's very nice to meet you, son," said Grandpa Jones. 
"And welcome to the Walnut Skunk Family Reunion!"
And so the party began.

There seemed to be an awfully lot of walnut skunks. 
First, Wilfred introduced his mom, Wanda.

"Hello, Rutherford," she said. "I've heard so much about you! Wilfred was always one for making weird and wacky friends. This is Rascal, my youngest. He is very friendly."
"Hello," said Rutherford.

Suddenly, Rascal and another little tiny walnut skunk jumped on him!
"Rascal! Flake!" Wanda shouted. "Get down, right now!"

Rutherford started to say, "It's okay," but...

...they had already jumped off.

Rascal proceeded to jump on his mother instead.

Ralph, Wanda's husband, wandered over. 
"You are mighty tall!" he exclaimed. "Don't that ever get inconvenient?"
"I haven't found it a problem, sir," Rutherford replied.

"Well now," Ralph began, lowering his voice to a whisper and glancing around,
 "I highly recommend you oughta see some sorta doctor about that there problem,
 because bein' a tall walnut skunk is shore gonna make it hard to find 
a lady-friend, if you know what I mean!"
"Ralph!" Wilfred exclaimed. "He's a Unicorn-sheep!"

"Don't listen to him," said Wilfred, pushing Ralph out of the way. "Let's go look around."
"Okay," Rutherford replied amiably.

"This is the snack bar and the water jug," Wilfred said, gesturing to a large bowl. "You're welcome to help yourself."

"And see that girl over there?" he whispered. "That's Flower. She's my cousin's girlfriend. I think she's pretty. I want her to be my girlfriend."
"You can't go around stealing girlfriends!" Rutherford said.
"Says you," Wilfred replied.

Rutherford peeked into the snack bar. "Looks delicious!" 

"Well that it is, young feller!" exclaimed a Walnut Skunk with a very spiky tail. "I'm Mohawk Will and this here walnut is Crazy Jay."
Crazy Jay began to laugh hysterically. "Crazy Jay! Crazy Jay!"
"Nice to meet you," Rutherford replied politely.

"Rutherford!" Wilfred hissed. "Come, meet my nemesis."

"Rutherford," Wilfred introduced, "This is Speve, Steve, and Steve's girlfriend, Flower."
"Hello," said Rutherford. "Nice to meet you."
"Hello, Rutherford," they chimed in unison.
"Bye," said Wilfred, turning abruptly away.

"And this is Willow," Wilfred introduced. "She is going to help me enact my plan!"

"What plan?" asked Willow, but Wilfred had already scurried away.

To be continued...