Rutherford Takes the Dog for a Walk

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep decided to take Coco, 
Grandma's dog, for a walk.

It was quite warm for the beginning of March, and Coco was excited. She liked walks.

They walked down the driveway, towards the road.

Coco stopped to sniff at the snow.

Then she stopped to sniff at the mailbox.
Rutherford was tired of waiting, so he tugged on the leash.

Coco ran out into the road!
Rutherford was starting to get a little bit annoyed.

She started to run!
Rutherford had to jog to keep up.

After a few minutes, Rutherford knew he needed to slow down.
"Coco!" he yelled. "Sit!" 
Coco ignored him.

Instead, she took a sharp left turn down a narrow dirt path towards the woods.
"Coco, heel!" Rutherford yelled.

The path got muddier and muddier as Coco tried to escape.
Rutherford could barely keep up.

Coco leaped over a large snowbank and headed straight for the trees.
"Coco, NO!"

The trees were tall and scary. Rutherford felt very small.

Rutherford wasn't walking anymore. He felt like he was flying
as Coco bolted up a small hill.

He bounced along behind her until suddenly...

Coco stopped!
Rutherford went flying!

The world spun all around; Rutherford didn't know what was up or down. 
He even let go of the leash.
"Grandma is going to be so mad," he thought 
as he hit the ground with a THUMP!

He groaned softly. His head hurt.

Slowly he opened his eyes.

The world looked strangely white. 
He thought for a moment that he was dreaming.

He carefully stood and then realized...
he was standing on a pond!!! 
He was lucky to have landed on a pile of leaves!

He looked behind him. Coco had gotten her leash caught on a stump.
"Well that's a relief," Rutherford sighed.

A bridge made of leaves spanned the gap between the ice and the ground.
He stepped carefully across...

...until he was safely on the other side.

Rutherford untangled Coco's leash from the stump,

and they raced home.

Rutherford gladly left Coco with Grandma and headed home.

And when he had arrived, he found that Wilfred had made him dinner.
It was good to be home.

The end.