Rutherford Goes to an Amusement Park

Rutherford seemed to be having difficulty finding friends, 
so he decided to post an ad on Craigslist.

He wrote, "My name is Rutherford and I am looking for a friend." 
To his surprise, he got a reply almost immediately!

They agreed to meet the next day at Ewe-nique Playdium Amusement Park.
Rutherford was quite pleased.

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was waiting patiently when Rutherford arrived.

They said hello. Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go on the 
Cataclysmic Ewe-See-I-Saw Ride first.

Rutherford climbed on first. He waited until Wilfred climbed on the other side.

But as soon as Wilfred the Walnut Skunk got on, his end swung down, Rutherford's end swung up...

...and Rutherford went flying!!!

The whole world rushed by...

...until suddenly the ground seemed quite large and dangerous...

Rutherford hit the the ground with a loud thump!! He groaned. 
His front left hoof hurt, but otherwise, he was okay.

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go on the Woolly Wonky Whammer Slide next.

"Wheeee!" he exclaimed as he gleefully slid down the smooth surface.

Rutherford, on the other hand, tumbled uncomfortably, head over hoofs to the bottom.
He felt quite woozy at the end.

"I get to pick next," declared Rutherford as he surveyed the spinning landscape.

"This one is fun," he said, climbing on the Mildly Bouncy Seahorse Ride.

But Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was enthralled by the most menacing ride: 
the Treacherous T-Rex Turbulantinator.

He scampered all the way right up to the top. 
"You can see everything from up here, Rudy!" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk called.
All of a sudden...

...the Treacherous T-Rex Turbulantinator whipped his head back 
and caught Wilfred in his gaping jaws!
"I'm coming to save you!" Rutherford called after a moment of debilitating panic. 

He leaped from the seat of the Mildly Bouncy Seahorse straight into the jaws of the
Treacherous T-Rex Tubulantinator!

He dragged Wilfred the Walnut Skunk to safety and they tumbled to the ground.

He lay on the ground, stunned.

"Rudy! Are you okay?" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk exclaimed. "You saved my life!"
Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep smiled.

It seemed that Rutherford had finally found a new friend!

The end.