Rutherford Has A Playdate

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep was excited. Today he had a playdate with his new friend! As soon as he got there, he knew he was going to have a great time.

His new friend Goblin seemed very friendly. They started playing right away.

Goblin wanted to play cat and mouse, but Rutherford said he didn't feel like running.

So Rutherford suggested they have a staring contest instead.

After a while, they got bored, so Goblin suggested they play adventure. First Rutherford pretended to be very sick, so they went on a quest to find the cure.

Then, Goblin saved Rutherford from falling down a cliff!
But before they could finish the quest, Goblin's mom came in and told them it was time to take a quick nap.

Rutherford slept very well, but then Goblin's mom came back to say that it was time to go. 

So, Goblin gave Rutherford a hug.

Rutherford liked his new best friend. 
They said goodbye.

All in all, Rutherford decided, it had been a great day!

The end.