Rutherford Goes on a Blind Date, Part 2

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Previously, Rutherford the Unicorn-sheep arrives at the restaurant, only to find that Wilfred the Walnut Skunk is sitting at the next table over! He was quite annoyed...

"Wilfred," Rutherford the Unicorn-sheep exclaimed. 
"Please stop slurping! It's rude!"

"Rutherford!" said Wilfred. "I didn't know you were here!"
"That's not true!" Rutherford replied angrily. "I told you I was coming here!"

"When?" Wilfred asked innocently. "I don't remember that... 
you did say you were going on a date..."

"You were helping me with my bow tie!!!" Rutherford protested.

"Gentlemen," the delightfully British waiter interrupted.

"I believe the lady has arrived."

"And I get to meet her!" exclaimed Wilfred, turning to look. 
He gasped as she stepped into view.

"S-s-s-spike!" Rutherford stuttered.

"Hello, Rutherford," she said in her deliciously rich voice. 
"It's good to see you. Do you work here now?"

Rutherford opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.
She just smiled and turned her gaze towards Wilfred.
"Hello there," she said. "You must be my date. I'm Spike."

"I'm Wilfred." A huge smile spread across his walnut-face.

"Please, join me," he gestured towards Rutherford's table, 
"at this beautifully prepared table."

Rutherford watched silently as Wilfred easily flirted and chatted with Spike.

Rutherford thought they were a slightly odd looking couple--
but who was he to judge? It's not as if he even wanted to date her...

"You look stunning," Rutherford heard Wilfred say. 
Rutherford turned to exit with Dalek.

"Goodbye, Rutherford," Spike said as he left.

"Dreadfully sorry," Dalek said in his delightfully British accent. "But,
your bow tie is very cool."
"Bow ties are cool," Rutherford agreed.

When Rutherford got home, he put on his favourite sweater,
and served himself a bowl of ice cream.

Then he put on his favourite TV show.

Wilfred arrived at the beginning of the last episode of Season 6.
"How did it go?" Rutherford asked.

He turned to look at the computer screen and settled down next to Rutherford.
"Oh it was fine," Wilfred replied. "We had dinner and went to see a movie."

"But honestly, she was just too tall."

The End