Rutherford Goes on a Blind Date, Part 1

Wilfred was jealous. Rutherford was going on a blind date.
"I want to go on a blind date," Wilfred said. 

 "Maybe next time I can ask the grocery store bagger to find 
someone for you," Rutherford offered, 
straightening his bow-tie.

"Where are you taking her?" Wilfred asked.
"To that fancy restaurant, the Library," Rutherford replied.

Rutherford arrived a few minutes early.
"Reservation for two," 
he said to the giant elephant that stood in front of him.

Rutherford looked around. It was a very fancy restaurant.

"My name is Dalek," the waiter said in a thick British accent, 
"and I will be serving you tonight." 

Dalek led Rutherford to his table.

It was very fancy, with a candle and flower petals scattered across the table top.

Rutherford checked to make sure everything was perfect.
"Um, excuse me," he said. "This candle wick isn't in the center. Could we have a different candle?"

Rutherford watched as Dalek the waiter switched candles with the other table.

"That's perfect! Thank you!"

Rutherford sat down to wait. 
His blind date wasn't due for another ten minutes.

Across the room, Dalek seated another customer. 
Rutherford turned to look at all the books decorating the library.
He wondered what the name of his date was.

But, as he was perusing the shelves, he heard a loud, 
unbecoming slurping from the other side of the room.

Rutherford turned, irritated, and was shocked to see...


To be continued...