Rutherford and His Books, Part 1

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Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep was cleaning his books.

More specifically, Rutherford was cleaning his collection of Shakespeare plays.

Wilfred was watching.
"I'm bored!" he said.

He began to leap across the neatly stacked row of books.

"You can help," Rutherford said.

"Cleaning is boring!" Wilfred replied. "I want to go to space!"

"Well, I'm sorry I don't have a spaceship right now," Rutherford answered mildly. He continued to wipe dust off the old volumes. "Reading can be exciting. You could always try that."

"Reading is for sissies!" Wilfred yelled, jumping on top of a book.

"Take me to space!" Wilfred insisted. He began jumping up and down on the book until... fell over. 
"Be careful with my books!" Rutherford scolded.

"What is this nonsense?" Wilfred asked. He began to read out loud. "But that I know love is begun by time and that I see in passages of proof time qualifies the spark and fire of it? There lives within the very flame of love..." 

He laughed. "No wonder you can't get a girl! It's because you read this stuff."
"That's not very nice!" Rutherford replied, frowning.

Suddenly Wilfred looked up. "Did you hear that? I thought I heard a knock on the door?"

"Maybe it's the girl who will light a spark of fire in my heart," Rutherford replied.

Wilfred sprinted over to the door yelling, "I'M COMING," quite loudly.
"Who is it?" asked Rutherford.
For a moment, all was quiet. Then...

Wilfred appeared on the books again. "IT'S WILHEMINA!" he yelled. "MY SISTER!"
He turned to her. "HELLO SISTER."

"Hello," said Rutherford. 
Definitely not the girl who will light spark of fire in my heart, he thought.

They jumped down closer to Rutherford.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Wilhemina yelled.

"I HAVE A WAY MORE FUN IDEA," Wilhemina said, grinning.
"LET'S DO IT." Wilfred began to get excited.

"Please don't touch my books," Rutherford requested.
Wilhemina giggled and leaped straight into the air...

...and landed, knocking over every single book!

Rutherford had a feeling that this day was not going to get any better.

To be continued...