Rutherford Changes the Oil

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Ariele's car needed an oil change. So Rutherford decided he wanted to do it.

First, he gathered together all of the supplies. 
Then he went to find ramps to make it easier to get under the car.

Instead he found Peter. Peter was talking to Wilfred.
"Now," he said. "We have to be very careful around here."

"Oh, I'm always careful," Wilfred replied. "In fact, I'm so careful that I--"
"I'm sorry to interrupt," Rutherford interrupted. "But I am going to change the oil in Ariele's car. I need ramps."

"Oh, I thought Ariele was going to do that," said Peter. "But that's fine. I can help."

"Hey!" Wilfred yelled. "You're mean! I was talking!"
"Want to help change the oil?" Rutherford asked.
"Okay," Wilfred replied.

They found very long boards to use as ramps. 

They watched as Peter brought cement blocks to prop up the very long boards.

Then it was time to move the car.
"We'll have to work together, Wilf," said Rutherford.

Rutherford took the stick shift. He pushed and pushed but it wouldn't move.

"Let me try!" Wilfred exclaimed from his position beside the gauges.
"Okay," said Rutherford. "I will go push on the clutch."

This worked much better.

"Next we have to empty the oil tank thing," Rutherford told Wilfred. 
He got a wrench. 15mm.

He looked under the car and could see a very dirty oil filter. But first they had to empty the oil tank.

Rutherford began to turn the bolt. 
Except, it wouldn't turn!!!

Then Ariele appeared from nowhere. Like magic.
"Let me try," she said.
Ariele couldn't do it either.

Then, Peter crawled under the car. Using  an extraordinarily powerful mental force field combined with superhuman strength, Peter caused the universe to bend to his will. He slid a bucket under the spout and gave the bolt one last twist...

...and the bolt PLOPPED right into the bucket!

They waited until the oil tank finished draining. Then Ariele pulled the bolt out of the bucket.
"Awwww," said Wilfred. "I wanted to do that!"

"You can go get the new filter instead," Ariele said.

"I'm KING OF THE OIL FILTER!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, hopping right up on top.

Rutherford tried to put it on, but he couldn't reach.

They watched as Ariele removed the old one, then screwed on the new one.

When she finished, it looked beautiful.

"All done!" Wilfred exclaimed. "Can we have ice cream now?"
"Not done yet," said Peter.

He opened the hood and peered into the engine; then, he reached out and twisted off a small cap.

"What's in here?" Wilfred stuck his head in the hole. He could smell a funny smell.

"That's where you pour in the new oil," said Rutherford.
"Can I do it?" Wilfred asked.
"NO." Peter shook his head. 

"But you can help me check the air pressure in the tires," he added.
So Wilfred and Rutherford helped Peter with the tires while Ariele poured the oil.
Then they rolled the car off the ramps.

Rutherford stood back and admired his handy work.
"I did a great job," Wilfred said, and then led the way to the house to get ice cream.

The end.