Rutherford Builds a Snowman

Wilfred the Walnut Skunk wanted to go play in the snow.

So Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep put on all four of his sweaters
and opened the door.

It was very cold and dark outside.

First they played tag. Wilfred laughed a lot 
because he could run faster than Rutherford.
"This is fun!" Wilfred exclaimed.

Wilfred got bored.
"Let's stomp my name in the snow!" he said.

"Let's build a snowman instead!" Rutherford suggested.

The snowman grew and grew and grew...

...until it was huge!
"Let's name it Roger," Rutherford suggested.
"FLAKEBOMB!" Wilfred shouted. "Let's take him home."

They went inside. Rutherford took off three of his 
sweaters and Wilfred wiped his feet.

Then they set Roger Flakebomb the Snowman on a plate on the stove.

"Let's dress him up!" Wilfred suggested.

"With my cape!" Rutherford chimed in. 

"Obviously he needs a unicorn horn," said Wilfred,
sticking a match in Flakebomb's head.

"And tacks for eyes!" Rutherford added.
"We need more ideas." Wilfred ran to the junk drawer.

There was a lot of stuff in there.

They looked everywhere!

And at everything!

"I have an idea!" Rutherford yelled from across the room. "Duct tape!"

Rutherford carefully cut the duct tape. Wilfred helped.

"What is it?" Wilfred asked.

"It's a sword! Now we can call him Sir Roger!"
"Sir Flakebomb!" Wilfred argued.

"Well I'm filling his plate with marbles," said Wilfred, 
filling Sir Roger Flakebomb's plate with marbles.

But Rutherford noticed that he didn't look so well.

Then his eyes popped out!

"He's not looking too well," Rutherford said as Sir Roger's head fell off.
"Maybe he's getting sick."

So he went to the medicine cabinet to get some medicine.

But when he returned, Sir Roger looked worse than ever!

"Wheeee!" Wilfred yelled, jumping from the medicine bottle
onto the pile of snow.

"Stop it!" Rutherford cried, as Wilfred crashed right through.

"I'm going to take care of him!" Rutherford insisted.

"Well I'm bored now." Wilfred climbed out of the mess and 
sauntered away.

Rutherford carefully gathered the snowman's 
belongings and dried them off.

He then put everything together neatly.
"One day, Sir Roger," Rutherford whispered to the mostly melted snowman,
"I will build you again, and we can be friends."

"Look at me!" Wilfred interrupted, leaping onto 
the glass that contained Sir Roger Flakebomb.

"I'm balancing!"
"I hope you fall in," Rutherford muttered.

All of a sudden, Wilfred slipped.
"Oh no!" he exclaimed. "The dead Sir Flakebomb 
is going to turn me into a zombie! Help!"

Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep chuckled and casually sauntered off 
to make himself a cup of hot chocolate.