Rutherford and Wilfred Play Hide-and-Go-Seek

This episode is dedicated to William Schmitt, 1923 - 2012.

It was a Saturday and there were lots of flowers. 
Rutherford and Wilfred decided to play hide and go seek.

Rutherford hid first, in the pansies. He could hear Wilfred counting "1, 2, 5, 100!"

Wilfred found Rutherford in no time.
"You skipped all the numbers!" Rutherford protested.

Next, Wilfred hid in a big green plant while Rutherford counted carefully. 

Suddenly, Rutherford was right there!
"Gotcha!" he exclaimed, grinning.
"No fair!" Wilfred scowled. "You didn't count to one hundred!"

Next, Rutherford wiggled into the carnations. He made sure to  make a lot of noise.
Nearby, Wilfred counted patiently, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..."

Then, as quietly as possible, Rutherford slipped out of the carnations...

...and into the azaleas!
Wilfred was still counting, "29, 30, 31, 32, 33..." but when Rutherford looked up...

Wilfred was watching him from across the room.
"You can't count with your eyes open!" Rutherford said.
 "That's against the rules. I get to hide again."
"Fine. But I get to start counting where I left off." Wilfred closed his eyes. "35, 36, 37..."

But Rutherford's next hiding spot didn't work so well either.
"Found you!" Wilfred exclaimed.
He ran off to hide.

Wilfred slid into an amaryllis blossom and then realized Rutherford wasn't counting.
"Why aren't you counting?" he called.

Rutherford snickered from behind a daffodil. "I'm hiding, too," he whispered.
"You can't do that!" Wilfred argued. "You have to count!"

"Come find me..." Rutherford whispered, moving into another bouquet filled with nectarine blossoms and more daffodils.

Wilfred climbed to the top of a hydrangea and scanned the room.
He snickered to himself.

He leaped to the one of the nectarine branches.

"I got you," he said. "And I win."

The end.

Special thanks to Renee and Claire. :)