Rutherford and the Abominable Snow Creature, Part 2

Previously, Rutherford got lost, only to find a trail which he hoped would lead him home. Instead, he encountered a ferocious beast...

Rutherford was terrified! He began to run.

The creature sniffed at him. 
Rutherford lunged forward, sprinting with all his might.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something...

The creature was chewing on another small animal! Oh no!
What would happen to him? Was this to be his fate as well?

He ran faster.

And faster and faster and faster...

...he didn't stop or look behind him...

...he just kept running...

...until suddenly, in front of him, he saw a set of familiar steps.
He leaped up each one...

...and made a beeline for Grandma's front door. 
He was not lost anymore!

As soon as he made it inside, he breathed a sigh of relief. 
He was safe.

Grandma made him a cup of hot cocoa, 
and then offered to let him take a nap on the couch. 
BUT, as he made his way into the living room 
he saw something terrible...

The Abominable Snow Creature had found him again!

The End.