Meet Cam and Tyler, Rutherford's New Friends! [New Book Announcement]

I'm excited to announce that the newest installment in the Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep series has arrived! This time, he spends some time with two gorgeous golden retrievers--Cam and Tyler--and makes two brand new friends. A short lesson on animal adoption and care is included at the end. Click here to grab your copy!

I'm sure your next question is--but who are the dogs?

Cam the Man! Hanging with Rutherford.

Cam the Man! Hanging with Rutherford.

Cam and Tyler are two rescued golden retrievers from Tennessee. Their parents, Scott and Bari, adopted Cam in 2006 and Tyler in 2016, from the Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue in Knoxville, TN.

Cam the Man (as he is affectionately called) is a twelve-year-old golden retriever with a mellow and laid back personality. He loves to get his belly scratched and is still getting used to having Ty around. You can follow his Facebook page here: Cam the Man!

Tyler always looks so happy!

Tyler always looks so happy!

Ty the Guy is three years old, and is a happy-go-lucky, friendly, and energetic dog that loves to play and run. He also has a Facebook page: Ty the Guy!

Now as you probably guessed, doing a photo shoot with two energetic dogs is not the easiest task. But I had excellent help.

Here are just a few photos of the event. Enjoy!

This is towards the beginning of the photo shoot. They were trying to figure out what was going on. It was hard to get photos with out people and shadows in them, and still get the dogs to hold still long enough to take a photo :)

This is towards the beginning of the photo shoot. They were trying to figure out what was going on. It was hard to get photos with out people and shadows in them, and still get the dogs to hold still long enough to take a photo :)

I took a bunch of photos like this. Ty was so funny! He wanted treats.

I took a bunch of photos like this. Ty was so funny! He wanted treats.

He was so excited to hang out with us!

He was so excited to hang out with us!

Cam always enjoys a good lie-down.

Cam always enjoys a good lie-down.

And he'll never say no to a good roll in the grass!

And he'll never say no to a good roll in the grass!

This was a problem too. Josh is a dog attractor, and they just wanted to go hang out with him!

This was a problem too. Josh is a dog attractor, and they just wanted to go hang out with him!

Case in point. 

Case in point. 

We took a lot of photos to try to get the right cover.

I liked this one, but it was hard to arrange the wording.

I liked this one, but it was hard to arrange the wording.

his one was  so close ! But his foot was out of the frame.

his one was so close! But his foot was out of the frame.

When a dog's got an itch, a dog's got an itch!

When a dog's got an itch, a dog's got an itch!

The sun was almost too much to handle.

The sun was almost too much to handle.

Plus, belly scratches from Josh? They're to die for!

Plus, belly scratches from Josh? They're to die for!

And I think we picked the right one!

Look at those paws!!!

Look at those paws!!!

Now the story is available for everyone. Get a signed copy on my website, or you can grab one on Amazon (starting tonight!).

5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Rutherford

You probably noticed that Rutherford has a new book out. It was a sneaky release, yes, but nonetheless it's now available. In celebration, we thought we would give you a sneak (get it? sneaky--sneak?) peek into some fun little things about Rutherford!

1. Rutherford's unicorn horn is made out of a q-tip. 

rutherford smiling

Yes. A q-tip. If you pulled it out of his head (please don't--that would hurt!) you would see a little bit of fabric on the other other end. 

2. Rutherford's middle name is The.

rutherford and wilf and sky

You probably never thought about it, but his full name is "Rutherford The Unicorn-Sheep." But I won't show you his birth certificate, so don't ask.

3. Rutherford's birthday is September 13th. 

rutherford staring

That's a Tuesday this year.

4. Rutherford doesn't like ketchup.

rutherford wilfred in kitchen

He complains that it is too acidic, and prefers to eat raw tomatoes. He also worries that it will stain his lovely fur.

5. Rutherford wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

rutherford and josh

The universe is huge, and Rutherford thinks it would be amazing to experience something so astronomical as outer space. He is working on designs for a space helmet that would envelop his unicorn horn.

Rutherford's Thanksgiving Special

It's almost time for that wonderful day filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, mashed potatoes, football, and mashed potatoes. Did I mention there will be mashed potatoes? That's right--Thanksgiving! And to celebrate, Rutherford wants to share a little excerpt from his amazing Thanksgiving experience with the Walnut Skunk Family.


Stack 'Em and Whack 'Em


Rutherford was having a wonderful time at the Walnut Skunk Family Thanksgiving.



Wilfred the Walnut Skunk was too!



"I think," Wilfred said to Rutherford, "that it's time to introduce you to our favourite family Thanksgiving tradition!"



"What's that?" asked Rutherford.



"WALNUT SKUNK STACKING!" Wilfred exclaimed.



At Wilfred's exclamation, all of the other Walnut Skunks turned and cheered!



"You start with two Walnut Skunks," Wilfred exclaimed as his cousin Speve hopped up on his back.



"And then three of us!" Speve exclaimed as Mo climbed up on his back.



"Isn't this dangerous?" Rutherford asked, noting that Wilfred's tail was beginning to shake with exertion.



"It's fine!" Wilfred protested as Snowflake, one of the little twins, scrambled up her uncle's back to the top of the Walnut Skunk stack. Rutherford could see Speve's muscles beginning to shake too.
"So what do I have to do with it?" Rutherford asked.



Before Wilfred could answer, his tail gave out and the stack collapsed into a furry pile of Walnut Skunks.


Wilfred wiggled out of the pile of Walnut Skunks. "We've only ever managed to get a stack of four," he said in response to Rutherford's question. "But with you... why, we could get at least five!"



Speve hopped up onto Rutherford's back. "Let's go!" he exclaimed. Rutherford hardly noticed the extra weight.



Then Wilfred hopped up as all the other Walnut Skunks cheered them on. Rutherford was strong and barely noticed the weight of the two Walnut Skunks on his back.
"We should switch places," Wilfred said. "I'm stronger than you!"
Again, Rutherford barely noticed as the Walnut Skunks moved around on his back.



Then, another cousin ran up the stack to the very top and balanced there carefully. Now Rutherford was starting to notice their weight.



"You can do one more!" Mo called from the ground.



Everyone held their breath as Rascal, the other twin, carefully climbed all the way to the top of the stack of Walnut Skunks/Unicorn Sheep.



Rutherford held strong! Everyone cheered.



All of a sudden, Rutherford could feel Wilfred starting to wiggle around on his back. "I can't... I can't..."
"Hold it!" Speve called out. "You can do it!"



Everyone gasped as the stack of Walnut Skunks came tumbling down in a pile of fur and squeals.



Rutherford was concerned. He didn't want any of the Walnut Skunks to get hurt. But to his surprise, everyone around him began to cheer.



"We did it!" Wilfred the Walnut Skunk yelled from the bottom of the pile of Walnut Skunks. "We beat the record for most highest stack!"



The Walnut Skunks in the pile untangled themselves, and then the whole family surrounded Rutherford, smiling and congratulating them.



Rutherford smiled. This was definitely the best Thanksgiving ever.


Want more Rutherford Thanksgiving adventures?

Check out the book, Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep at the Walnut Skunk Thanksgiving, the prequel to Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep and the Christmas Surprise! Both are the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer! Get your copy today!

Rutherford Visits A Beekeeper - Sneak Peek Pictures

Last week, Rutherford visited a very friendly Beekeeper in Upstate NY to do a photo shoot for his next book, tentatively titled, "Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Visits A Beekeeper," or possible "Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Loves Bees," or possibly "Rutherford the Unicorn Is Absolutely Delighted to Have Had the Opportunity to Learn More About Beekeeping While Simultaneously Preventing Wilfred the Walnut Skunk From Eating Them."

Anyway, I thought a few sneak peek photos might interest those of you that avidly follow Rutherford's every move. So, enjoy!

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Rutherford is great at driving the Gator. He likes to feel the wind in his fur.

Rutherford is great at driving the Gator. He likes to feel the wind in his fur.

Rutherford likes to eat lettuce, and he found some very large heads of it at the Sielings'.

Rutherford likes to eat lettuce, and he found some very large heads of it at the Sielings'.

He could eat this stuff for days, bugs and all.

He could eat this stuff for days, bugs and all.

Ms. Nancy fixes Rutherford up with a new bee suit, complete with hat and white shirt.

Ms. Nancy fixes Rutherford up with a new bee suit, complete with hat and white shirt.

Rutherford visits the honey room, where he gets to taste some delicious honey.

Rutherford visits the honey room, where he gets to taste some delicious honey.

He also gets to try extracting some honey, by spinning the handle on the extractor.

He also gets to try extracting some honey, by spinning the handle on the extractor.

Wilfred tries to unlatch the electric fence, so he can turn it off and get into the bees for a tasty snack. Skunks love to eat bees.

Wilfred tries to unlatch the electric fence, so he can turn it off and get into the bees for a tasty snack. Skunks love to eat bees.

The Beekeeper doesn't let Wilfred eat the bees. He needs them to make honey.

The Beekeeper doesn't let Wilfred eat the bees. He needs them to make honey.

Rutherford and Wilfed have a very close encounter with lots of honey bees! Don't worry, only the photographer got stung in the making of this photo. The bees were very friendly.

Rutherford and Wilfed have a very close encounter with lots of honey bees! Don't worry, only the photographer got stung in the making of this photo. The bees were very friendly.

Rutherford enjoys getting to know his new buddies. They are all excited to read the book that is coming out in September!

Rutherford enjoys getting to know his new buddies. They are all excited to read the book that is coming out in September!

Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Goes to the Beach

Today I am excited to announce the release of Rutherford's first book, Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Goes To The Beach! A few months of work, some travel, and a trip to the beach later, Rutherford is now in print. 

He is both excited and embarrassed (because as we know Rutherford isn't a huge fan of being the center of attention). 

Want a copy? Hop on over to the Shop page and grab a copy, currently on sale for the duration of the release (until Monday!).

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Rutherford looking ever so cute next to his new book! <3


This is not the last. There are more Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep books planned and in progress, so stay tuned. 

In addition, we are planning a free giveaway of more than one copy of Rutherford's new book. To learn more about that, you can follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you want to meet Rutherford or have him visit your school or book club, you can contact me.


Rutherford Visits Los Angeles

Rutherford loved to fly in airplanes, so he decided to visit Los Angeles.

When he got there, he decided that he wanted to see the whole city!

He started with cacti. At first he thought they were called cactuses, but they explained that they preferred the Latin plural. They weren't the only plant he saw.

He had never seen anything like the Bird of Paradise flower in New England! It was very orange and blue.

This flower was cool, too. It did not smell like anything.

It seemed like Los Angeles had EVERYTHING! Palm trees...





...even the whole solar system!

One of Rutherford's favourite sites was the famous Hollywood sign. He was surprised it was so famous - it didn't look much bigger than he was!

After a while, he got lost - but then he found himself again.

When he was tired, he headed back to the five star Gordon Resort and lay down on the silk bed, only to realize he was hungry. As he headed towards the kitchen, he suddenly realized...

...he wasn't alone!

"Ahem," he said, quietly, a little scared. He hoped they were friendly. "I think they double-booked this room."
The grey one turned to look at him. Rutherford felt nervous and began to back up.

Then it stepped on him! As if he wasn't even there! Rutherford was starting to feel mad. He wished Wilfred was there to yell at the big creatures.

He ran to the bed, but somehow he didn't quite feel safe. He needed to get to the phone and call the hotel manager.

He leaped back as the cat reached out its claws! He was right to be nervous!

It reached up again. Rutherford backed up again, and then frowned. The cat was big enough to jump right onto the bed! Why was it staying on the floor?

All of a sudden he realized: the cat just wanted to play! Rutherford laughed.

"After I eat," he said to the cats, "then I'll play with you."

They seemed okay with that.

After dinner, Rutherford played with Henry and Pinball all afternoon!

He had so much fun in Los Angeles that the crop circles he saw on the way home didn't scare him one bit!

Rutherford decided that he would definitely go back one day!

The End.

Photo Album

Browse through a few of Rutherford's favourite pictures... with friends, plants, and animals!

Among the beasts!

At the beach!

Inside the hotel

What we saw our first morning !

By the ocean!

A very large mushroom!

The bike trail to Earthquake Park!

Goblin licking Wilfred.

Rutheford, Wilfred, and the creepy pink face.

Rutherford and Coco: stare-down!!!

Rutherford, Wilfred, and Dalek read a bedtime story:

Big Pets

, by Lane Smith.

Wilfred picks up Rutherford in the backhoe.

A new snowman! (Spoiler!)

Rutherford and Wilfred watch a train go by.

Peter discusses safety at Garreson Lumber.

Rutherford and Coco in the snow.

Wilfred in a plant.

Rutherford with Goblin.

This is Ruthie, Rutherford's cousin in North Carolina!

Rutherford in Vermont.

Ruthie Goes to a Concert

Dear Rutherford,

Hi! Guess what. My friends and I went to a concert last week! Auntie Meredith took us. It was in the mountains and it was so beautiful. This is what the mountains look like here:

Aren't they beautiful, Rutherford?

So we went for a hike ALL the way to the top of the mountain, and then something SCARY happened. We saw a snake! It was a copperhead! Those are very dangerous and can kill you. Luckily, Uncle Mitch saved us!

We were very scared.

But then we arrived, and we had backstage passes! That meant that we got to watch the band set up. We met Mark Berger and Candace Pearson IN PERSON! It was so cool!!! 

Then the concert started. It was awesome! Mark and Candace are sooooo good!

We loved all the songs! They were great and fun, and the sky was so beautiful. Me and my friends took lots and lots and lots of pictures. We really want to see them play again.

And guess what else, Rutherford. He sang to me!!! I got my own song! I have never been so happy in my life. It was like all of my dreams came true!!! I think I might marry him. Do you think he's too old for me? I think we would be perfect for each other. I hung his picture in my bedroom. Don't tell Auntie Meredith, though. She says I'm too young to get married. But I'm not! That's for sure! I'll invite you to the wedding, Rutherford!

Afterwards, we all got him to sign things! I had him sign a napkin, which I kissed before he signed it, so it was basically like we were kissing. And he held my hand while he was singing to me, so I'm never washing that again until we get married.

My friend Bearie says she's going to marry him, but she's wrong. We're not speaking to each other right now, but I'm sure that soon enough she'll come to understand that he and I are meant for each other.

Anyway, Rutherford, how are you? I loved your letter from Alaska. It looked like such an amazing trip!! Next time, I want to come too! Auntie Meredith loved the pictures. She says she is so proud of you for being so brave and going so far away!

Write me back!


Rutherford Goes to Alaska

Dear Ruthie,

Last week I went to Alaska! It was very exciting. I got to ride in a plane, stay in a fancy hotel, and do all sorts of interesting things! Most of the time, I rode in Ariele's pocket so I could see everything.

My favourite thing about Alaska was the ocean. It was so beautiful and strange looking. It looks very different from our ocean here in New England. I think that maybe the part we were looking at was shallower? But I don't know much about it, except that it was beautiful! I wish you could have seen it, Ruthie!

There were flowers everywhere! I was surprised, because I think of Alaska being so cold and frigid that only evergreens and lichen would grow there, but they had all kinds of beautiful flowers all over the city, bright-coloured and interesting to look at!

I also thought the mountains were pretty--they reminded me of your mountains! They had their first mountain snow while we were there, too.

The mushrooms there were very cool. I played house under this orange one, and this flowery one made me want to bite it! Ariele wouldn't let me though, because she said they might be poisonous. I tried to bring one back, but she vetoed that, too.

Here is a picture of me and Ariele by the ocean. I look so tiny compared to everything!

I also got to see one of their planes that take people to islands and things. See it, it's right there by the trees! Isn't it cool? They were always flying overhead. We saw so many planes! If I had a nickel for every time I saw an airplane, I wouldn't even be able to walk, they'd be so heavy!!!

We also saw some cool signs on our walk. This one is a recipe for fish! It's funny because they also call the recipe Lace Pants! Isn't that funny? There was also this sign that shows the difference between an angry moose and a curious moose. We didn't see any moose at all, so I was a little disappointed about that, but we did see ducks!

Anyway, I had a great time in Alaska! Maybe you will get a chance to go sometime, Ruthie! If you do, take lots of pictures!



Rutherford Goes on a Date... with Willow

Rutherford was excited. Willow was on her way! 
He had his bathing suit on already, and was just waiting for her to arrive.

"Hi!" Rutherford said shyly.
"Hi, Rutherford," Willow smiled. 

Willow looked around. "It's beautiful out here."
"Let's go down to the water," Rutherford said.

Meanwhile, someone was watching...

"The water is so clear!" Willow exclaimed, as they walked out on the dock.
"I'm glad you like it," Rutherford replied shyly.

"Do you want to go swimming?" 
"Not yet," Willow replied. "Let's go to the end of the dock."

Nearby, Wilfred was also looking at the water.

The walked to the end of the dock, and climbed onto the back of the boat.

"It's beautiful!" Willow exclaimed as they gazed out over the water.
"Thank you for bringing me here."
"You're welcome," Rutherford replied.

All of a sudden, "Hi!"
Wilfred jumped in front of them.
"What are you doing here?" Rutherford asked. "This is my date!"
"Can't let you be dating my cousin without supervision! Now let's play!"

"Let's try to get rid of him," Rutherford whispered. 
Willow jumped on Rutherford's back and they went strolling along edge of the boat.
"This is fun!" Willow laughed.

"I want to come too!" Wilfred exclaimed, jumping up on Rutherford's back with Willow.

"Wilfred!" Rutherford exclaimed. "Can you please leave us alone?"
"It's okay, Rutherford," Willow interrupted. "He can play for a little while. We can have dinner later."
"Oh boy!" Wilfred exclaimed. "Let's go play on the steering wheel!"

Wilfred ran straight for the throttle. "I"ll make us go fast!" he exclaimed.

"I'm going to look around," Willow said.
Wilfred followed her. "What's in there?" he asked.

He inched forward. "Oops!" he exclaimed as Willow tumbled into the hole.

Then, from the dashboard, Rutherford heard a scream.
"Willow!" he shouted.

"It was an accident," she said. "I'm fine, I was just... surprised."
"I get it," Rutherford said. "Wilfred pushed you in. Well, here, let me help you out then."

He bent down. "Hook your tail around my unicorn horn."

"Oh, Rutherford!" Willow exclaimed. "You're my hero!!"
Rutherford blushed.

Rutherford and Willow found Wilfred sitting on a bench.
"Here's the thing," said Rutherford. "You and I can play tomorrow. But Willow and I want some time to ourselves."
"But I want to play too!" Wilfred protested.
"Say sorry," Rutherford said. "For pushing Willow."
"Sorry," Wilfred mumbled.

"It's okay," Willow said, smiling. "I'm okay. And you can stick around, just give us some space."
"Okay," said Wilfred.

And so, Rutherford and Willow spent a lovely rest of the day, frolicking by the lakeside, and Wilfred gave them space.

The End.

Rutherford and the Daleks

Rutherford was watching a train go by, when suddenly, something strange appeared outside the window.
"Hm, I wonder what that is," he pondered, staring intently.

"Wilfred!" he called. "Come look at this!"
Wilfred scuttled to the window.

"There sure are a lot!" Wilfred exclaimed. "What are they?"
"I don't know!" Rutherford replied.

"They seem to be escorting the train," he suggested after they watched for a few more minutes.
Wilfred agreed.

All of a sudden, a strange box appeared. Out of thin air!
A man in a long coat leaped out and sprinted out of sight. All of the creatures turned to look at him.

Then there was a bright flash of light!

Then, the man reappeared, glanced at Rutherford and Wilfred, and winked.
"He winked!" Wilfred exclaimed.

And then the box and the man disappeared, and only the train remained.

The end.

Rutherford's Pen Pal

On Thursday, Rutherford received a letter from his pen pal, Ruthie. He was very excited.

Dear Rutherford, 
How are you? I have been doing great! Auntie Meredith took me on an adventure... catch this... in Rutherford County! We took a picture!

We went to a cave and saw some giant rock cave paintings by Indians from a very long time ago. Aren't they cool? I think they are wolves and that they are talking to each other. There are also lichens on the rock. If I were smaller, I've always thought it would be neat to meet a lichen! I think they would have very calm and interesting personalities.

We also picked flowers. I like this kind. They are pretty and blue. I don't know what they're called though. I picked one for Auntie Meredith.

I'll also met a lot of new friends today! This is Flippy the Frog. He smiles a lot and told me he likes to eat Chinese food and play with legos. I like to play with legos too. 

This one is named Mr. Bear. His fur is sooooo soft! We played tag for a while, and he let me ride on his back. Isn't that awesome?!

Helen was very busy looking for food so she didn't have time to play with me, but she told me all about flying and how she loves to feel the air rushing underneath her wings and the sun beating down on her feathers.

Ollie is very smart. He knows a lot of things about EVERYTHING. He told me about stars and the universe and outer space and leaves and cells and quarks and all sorts of things! I think he's probably read eight million encyclopedias!!

And last but not least, this is my yogo friend, YELP. He's SO COOL. We do yoga together and talk. He is teaching me all kinds of things, like how to breathe different, and how to hold my arms in cool positions. We hang out a lot. And he lives on this mountain, so, if he had a beard, he'd be just like one of those old men that sits on a mountain and is smart!

Anyway, write back soon, Rutherford! I can't wait to hear from you! And I'll have so much more to write next time I send you a letter, you won't even be able to finish it!

Bye, Rutherford!!!

Your friend,

Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 3

After freeing Rutherford, Steve looked around.

"Where is Flower?" he demanded, and ran off to look for her.

"You should kiss me," said Wilfred.
"No!" Flower replied. "I'm dating Steve, remember?"

At that moment, Steve leaped out of the bushes.
"What are you doing with my girlfriend?" he demanded.
Wilfred hid behind a lilac.

Then Steve leaped. "I can't believe you would try to steal my girlfriend!"
"I was just being nice!" Wilfred protested. "Stop attacking me!"

"Not until you apologize!" said Steve, jumping up and down on Wilfred.
"But I didn't do anything!" Wilfred gasped.

"You asked her to kiss you!" Steve said loudly.
"Isn't that what friends do?" Wilfred asked.

"NO!" roared Steve as they tumbled treacherously close to Flower.

Flower peeked out at them from behind a lilac.
"I don't suppose you could talk this out?" she asked.

Steve jumped to the ground and turned to face Wilfred.
"Apologize." He scowled. "Or else."

"Okay, okay!" Wilfred sighed. "I am sorry."
"Thank you," Steve said. "And don't go near my girlfriend again."

Wilfred sighed as they walked slowly away, curling their tails together.
"Well that plan didn't work!" he muttered.

He headed back towards the main party. Everyone seemed very jolly.

At least Rutherford seemed to be having a good time.

"Rutherford!" he yelled. "I'm ready to go home!"

Rutherford began to say goodbye to everyone.
"Come on!" Wilfred exclaimed. "You're taking forever!"

He wandered closer to where Rutherford was saying goodbye to Steve and Speve.
"I hate you," Wilfred said, and stalked off.

"Bye, Rutherford!" Willow said, running up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for saving me! I'll miss you! Facebook me!"
"I will," Rutherford agreed, grinning.

"Oh good grief!" Wilfred exclaimed. "What are the chances of a Unicorn-Sheep getting a girl at a walnut skunk reunion? Zero! Zero, I tell you! And yet, somehow, this guy...!" Wilfred sighed loudly. "Can we go now?

"Of course, best friend!" Rutherford replied.

And they walked off as the family shouted goodbye.

All in all, thought Rutherford, that was a great day. The best I've ever had.
I hate Steve, Wilfred thought.

And over in the lilacs, something very special was happening...

...the end.

Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 2

Read part 1 here!

Willow and Rutherford watched Wilfred walk away, wondering what his secret plan was.

Rutherford turned to look at all the Walnut Skunks when suddenly he heard a loud THUMP.

He spun around, only to find that the water bottle had fallen on Willow!
"I'll save you!" he said.

Rutherford rolled under the water bottle so Willow could escape.
"You're a hero!" the other skunks cried.

"There's one problem," said Rutherford. "I'm stuck.

Meanwhile, Wilfred was talking to Flower. 
"Poor Rutherford!" she cried.

"This is scary!" Wilfred said, as Steve ran off to help rescue Rutherford. 
"Let's go for a walk until they get him all rescued."

"Are you okay?" Willow asked. "You saved me!"
"I'm fine," Rutherford replied, smiling.

Speve and Uncle Snowball examined the situation carefully.
"This is goin'ta be mighty difficult," Uncle Snowball said.

"I can help!" Steve ran up and put his nose under the water bottle. "We just have to get it rolling until it rolls off!"

"That's a good idea," said Rutherford as the skunks got to work.

Meanwhile, Wilfred was flirting with Flower.
"I think you're pretty," he said.
"Thank you, said Flower.

"I got you a flower, just like your name." Wilfred handed her a lilac.
"This is very pretty," said Flower. "But I have a boyfriend. Steve. I like him."

"Oh, he's not that great," Wilfred said. "I mean, he's albino! My walnut skin is perfect. I'm also way more interesting."

Flower sighed. 

The skunks began to roll the bottle; Steve and Speve pushed from the bottom while Uncle Snowball ran on the top.

"Almost there!" Steve yelled, just as... KERPLUNK!

It worked! Rutherford was free!

Thanks!" Rutherford exclaimed, catching his breath.

"You're a hero!" Willow exclaimed, and she kissed his cheek.

At that moment, Steve noticed something...
"Where's my girlfriend?" he asked.

To be continued...

Rutherford Goes to Wilfred's Family Reunion, Part 1

Rutherford followed Wilfred and Wilhemina into the hall where the Walnut Skunks had their yearly family reunion. They were greeted by Grandpa Jones.

"This is my best friend, Rutherford," said Wilfred. "Rutherford, this is Grandpa Jones."

"It's very nice to meet you, son," said Grandpa Jones. 
"And welcome to the Walnut Skunk Family Reunion!"
And so the party began.

There seemed to be an awfully lot of walnut skunks. 
First, Wilfred introduced his mom, Wanda.

"Hello, Rutherford," she said. "I've heard so much about you! Wilfred was always one for making weird and wacky friends. This is Rascal, my youngest. He is very friendly."
"Hello," said Rutherford.

Suddenly, Rascal and another little tiny walnut skunk jumped on him!
"Rascal! Flake!" Wanda shouted. "Get down, right now!"

Rutherford started to say, "It's okay," but...

...they had already jumped off.

Rascal proceeded to jump on his mother instead.

Ralph, Wanda's husband, wandered over. 
"You are mighty tall!" he exclaimed. "Don't that ever get inconvenient?"
"I haven't found it a problem, sir," Rutherford replied.

"Well now," Ralph began, lowering his voice to a whisper and glancing around,
 "I highly recommend you oughta see some sorta doctor about that there problem,
 because bein' a tall walnut skunk is shore gonna make it hard to find 
a lady-friend, if you know what I mean!"
"Ralph!" Wilfred exclaimed. "He's a Unicorn-sheep!"

"Don't listen to him," said Wilfred, pushing Ralph out of the way. "Let's go look around."
"Okay," Rutherford replied amiably.

"This is the snack bar and the water jug," Wilfred said, gesturing to a large bowl. "You're welcome to help yourself."

"And see that girl over there?" he whispered. "That's Flower. She's my cousin's girlfriend. I think she's pretty. I want her to be my girlfriend."
"You can't go around stealing girlfriends!" Rutherford said.
"Says you," Wilfred replied.

Rutherford peeked into the snack bar. "Looks delicious!" 

"Well that it is, young feller!" exclaimed a Walnut Skunk with a very spiky tail. "I'm Mohawk Will and this here walnut is Crazy Jay."
Crazy Jay began to laugh hysterically. "Crazy Jay! Crazy Jay!"
"Nice to meet you," Rutherford replied politely.

"Rutherford!" Wilfred hissed. "Come, meet my nemesis."

"Rutherford," Wilfred introduced, "This is Speve, Steve, and Steve's girlfriend, Flower."
"Hello," said Rutherford. "Nice to meet you."
"Hello, Rutherford," they chimed in unison.
"Bye," said Wilfred, turning abruptly away.

"And this is Willow," Wilfred introduced. "She is going to help me enact my plan!"

"What plan?" asked Willow, but Wilfred had already scurried away.

To be continued...

Rutherford and His Books, part 2

Now, Part 2 of Rutherford and the Books!

At the end of Part 1, Wilhemina had just collapsed Rutherford's tidy stack of books...

Rutherford stared at the pile of  books in shock.

"I love messes!" Wilfred yelled, bounding into the chaos.

"I am going to read," Rutherford said, turning to Hamlet and trying to stay calm.
He tried not to look at the mess behind him.

"We have to make it look so fun that he comes to play with us," 
Wilhemina whispered to Wilfred.
Rutherford overheard her. He promised himself that he wouldn't be swayed.

Wilfred and Wilhemina began to construct an eloborate structure.
"Isn't this fun, Wilfred?" Wilhemina asked loudly.

"It sure is!" Wilfred replied even louder. "I love having fun, don't you?"

Rutherford put all his effort into ignoring them. He thought he was doing a very good job.

"I get to be King when we're finished," said Wilhemina.
"That's not fair! I want to be King!" Wilfred shouted. "Anyway, you can't be King 'cause girls are supposed to be Queen!"

"What are you, sexist?" Wilhemina asked. "Stop being so dumb! Girls can be king, too!"
Rutherford prized himself on his patience. Then he realized he was still on the same page of Hamlet.

"Well it doesn't matter 'cause I'm gonna be King and that's that!" Wilfred stated emphatically.

It got suddenly quiet. Rutherford glanced back. They were whispering together.

Suddenly, they appeared right in front of him. Luckily, he had thought to turn the page.
"Wanna play?" asked Wilhemina.
"No, thank you," Rutherford replied politely.

"Aw, come on!" Wilfred exclaimed, jumping all over the book architecture. "I helped you clean! Now you have to play!"
"Maybe later," Rutherford replied.

"Well, your friend is officially no fun." Wilhemina frowned, turning back to the structure.
"No, he really is fun!" Wilfred protested. "He's just grumpy right now."

Rutherford's ears perked up. Was Wilfred sticking up for him?

Wilhemina looked at Rutherford, sitting all alone with his Shakespeare play.
"Rutherford," she said quietly. "I'm sorry I made a mess of your books."

Then she disappeared. For a moment, Rutherford thought he had imagined it.
He turned and saw them looking at him.

"Okay," he said. "I'll play. But promise you'll ask before making any more messes."
"We promise!" Wilfred and Wilhemina chimed.

Rutherford climbed onto the structure and looked around. 
"This is pretty cool!" he said.

He wandered around for a minute and then made his way up to the front.

"Hey look!" he said, laughing. "I'm the KING!"
And Wilhemina and Wilfred laughed just for a moment...

"I get to be knight," said Wilfred.
"No, I get to be knight!" Wilhemina argued.
"Girls don't get to be knights!" Wilfred protested. "They're princesses and things!"
"I want to be a knight!" shouted Wilhemina.

And Rutherford just grinned.

The end.

Rutherford and His Books, Part 1

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Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep was cleaning his books.

More specifically, Rutherford was cleaning his collection of Shakespeare plays.

Wilfred was watching.
"I'm bored!" he said.

He began to leap across the neatly stacked row of books.

"You can help," Rutherford said.

"Cleaning is boring!" Wilfred replied. "I want to go to space!"

"Well, I'm sorry I don't have a spaceship right now," Rutherford answered mildly. He continued to wipe dust off the old volumes. "Reading can be exciting. You could always try that."

"Reading is for sissies!" Wilfred yelled, jumping on top of a book.

"Take me to space!" Wilfred insisted. He began jumping up and down on the book until... fell over. 
"Be careful with my books!" Rutherford scolded.

"What is this nonsense?" Wilfred asked. He began to read out loud. "But that I know love is begun by time and that I see in passages of proof time qualifies the spark and fire of it? There lives within the very flame of love..." 

He laughed. "No wonder you can't get a girl! It's because you read this stuff."
"That's not very nice!" Rutherford replied, frowning.

Suddenly Wilfred looked up. "Did you hear that? I thought I heard a knock on the door?"

"Maybe it's the girl who will light a spark of fire in my heart," Rutherford replied.

Wilfred sprinted over to the door yelling, "I'M COMING," quite loudly.
"Who is it?" asked Rutherford.
For a moment, all was quiet. Then...

Wilfred appeared on the books again. "IT'S WILHEMINA!" he yelled. "MY SISTER!"
He turned to her. "HELLO SISTER."

"Hello," said Rutherford. 
Definitely not the girl who will light spark of fire in my heart, he thought.

They jumped down closer to Rutherford.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Wilhemina yelled.

"I HAVE A WAY MORE FUN IDEA," Wilhemina said, grinning.
"LET'S DO IT." Wilfred began to get excited.

"Please don't touch my books," Rutherford requested.
Wilhemina giggled and leaped straight into the air...

...and landed, knocking over every single book!

Rutherford had a feeling that this day was not going to get any better.

To be continued...

Rutherford Changes the Oil

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Ariele's car needed an oil change. So Rutherford decided he wanted to do it.

First, he gathered together all of the supplies. 
Then he went to find ramps to make it easier to get under the car.

Instead he found Peter. Peter was talking to Wilfred.
"Now," he said. "We have to be very careful around here."

"Oh, I'm always careful," Wilfred replied. "In fact, I'm so careful that I--"
"I'm sorry to interrupt," Rutherford interrupted. "But I am going to change the oil in Ariele's car. I need ramps."

"Oh, I thought Ariele was going to do that," said Peter. "But that's fine. I can help."

"Hey!" Wilfred yelled. "You're mean! I was talking!"
"Want to help change the oil?" Rutherford asked.
"Okay," Wilfred replied.

They found very long boards to use as ramps. 

They watched as Peter brought cement blocks to prop up the very long boards.

Then it was time to move the car.
"We'll have to work together, Wilf," said Rutherford.

Rutherford took the stick shift. He pushed and pushed but it wouldn't move.

"Let me try!" Wilfred exclaimed from his position beside the gauges.
"Okay," said Rutherford. "I will go push on the clutch."

This worked much better.

"Next we have to empty the oil tank thing," Rutherford told Wilfred. 
He got a wrench. 15mm.

He looked under the car and could see a very dirty oil filter. But first they had to empty the oil tank.

Rutherford began to turn the bolt. 
Except, it wouldn't turn!!!

Then Ariele appeared from nowhere. Like magic.
"Let me try," she said.
Ariele couldn't do it either.

Then, Peter crawled under the car. Using  an extraordinarily powerful mental force field combined with superhuman strength, Peter caused the universe to bend to his will. He slid a bucket under the spout and gave the bolt one last twist...

...and the bolt PLOPPED right into the bucket!

They waited until the oil tank finished draining. Then Ariele pulled the bolt out of the bucket.
"Awwww," said Wilfred. "I wanted to do that!"

"You can go get the new filter instead," Ariele said.

"I'm KING OF THE OIL FILTER!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, hopping right up on top.

Rutherford tried to put it on, but he couldn't reach.

They watched as Ariele removed the old one, then screwed on the new one.

When she finished, it looked beautiful.

"All done!" Wilfred exclaimed. "Can we have ice cream now?"
"Not done yet," said Peter.

He opened the hood and peered into the engine; then, he reached out and twisted off a small cap.

"What's in here?" Wilfred stuck his head in the hole. He could smell a funny smell.

"That's where you pour in the new oil," said Rutherford.
"Can I do it?" Wilfred asked.
"NO." Peter shook his head. 

"But you can help me check the air pressure in the tires," he added.
So Wilfred and Rutherford helped Peter with the tires while Ariele poured the oil.
Then they rolled the car off the ramps.

Rutherford stood back and admired his handy work.
"I did a great job," Wilfred said, and then led the way to the house to get ice cream.

The end.

Rutherford and Wilfred Play Hide-and-Go-Seek

This episode is dedicated to William Schmitt, 1923 - 2012.

It was a Saturday and there were lots of flowers. 
Rutherford and Wilfred decided to play hide and go seek.

Rutherford hid first, in the pansies. He could hear Wilfred counting "1, 2, 5, 100!"

Wilfred found Rutherford in no time.
"You skipped all the numbers!" Rutherford protested.

Next, Wilfred hid in a big green plant while Rutherford counted carefully. 

Suddenly, Rutherford was right there!
"Gotcha!" he exclaimed, grinning.
"No fair!" Wilfred scowled. "You didn't count to one hundred!"

Next, Rutherford wiggled into the carnations. He made sure to  make a lot of noise.
Nearby, Wilfred counted patiently, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..."

Then, as quietly as possible, Rutherford slipped out of the carnations...

...and into the azaleas!
Wilfred was still counting, "29, 30, 31, 32, 33..." but when Rutherford looked up...

Wilfred was watching him from across the room.
"You can't count with your eyes open!" Rutherford said.
 "That's against the rules. I get to hide again."
"Fine. But I get to start counting where I left off." Wilfred closed his eyes. "35, 36, 37..."

But Rutherford's next hiding spot didn't work so well either.
"Found you!" Wilfred exclaimed.
He ran off to hide.

Wilfred slid into an amaryllis blossom and then realized Rutherford wasn't counting.
"Why aren't you counting?" he called.

Rutherford snickered from behind a daffodil. "I'm hiding, too," he whispered.
"You can't do that!" Wilfred argued. "You have to count!"

"Come find me..." Rutherford whispered, moving into another bouquet filled with nectarine blossoms and more daffodils.

Wilfred climbed to the top of a hydrangea and scanned the room.
He snickered to himself.

He leaped to the one of the nectarine branches.

"I got you," he said. "And I win."

The end.

Special thanks to Renee and Claire. :)


Rutherford the Unicorn-Sheep and Wilfred the Walnut Skunk are two fun loving animals who live in a world that is much too large for them, but manage to have a great time anyway. They go on weekly adventures involving other similarly-sized creatures, bits and pieces of living life, and the excitement of living inside our very own universe. 

Meet Rutherford! He is quite cute, although he has this less-endearing quality of toppling over whenever a breeze rustles his little fibrous wool coat. There is one thing I just want to make clear--you know, to avoid any lawsuits: Rutherford is not a real unicorn-sheep. He is stuffed. I would never subject a real unicorn-sheep to the torturous ruminations of my mildly evil but mostly just insane cat and/or my grandmother's dog.

Meet Wilfred the Walnut Skunk! Wilfred is a fun-loving Walnut Skunk with a felt underbelly and a pipe cleaner tail. He loves to climb trees, eat bees, and likes to take long walks on short bridges. He is an adrenaline junkie and one day hopes to jump off of a running dog, and maybe even go to space.