An Easy Guide to The Sagittan Chronicles


It all started with Doors.

Not the band. Also not the kind you have on the front of your house.  Doors. 

If you walk through a Door, you end up somewhere else. I don't mean the next room over, I mean somewhere else. Like the next planet over. Or in the middle of an ocean. Or a forest. Or in an ever-expanding room that grows and grows until you can fit an entire world inside. That kind of Door. 

And so begins The Sagittan Chronicles.

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Explore the universe.

So, where exactly can you go with a Door? The Door Room in the Globe, called Vrata Soba, has nearly 300 Doors that go to places all over the universe. In addition, they have an entire room in the Archaeology Department dedicated to closed Doors that have been confiscated from individuals in police raids. 

  • Path: a man-made planet formed first in an inter-dimensional space, and then moved into orbit around a star. Quin's father Grise Black built this planet. The Door on this planet was originally built for access. 
  • Great Forest On the Bay: a two-sunned planet where the ruling class bonds with animals and the weaker class is enslaved. The character Wolf comes from here.
  • The Ice World: a difficult planet on the outskirts of its solar system, inhabited by a very hardy people and a species of animal called gorbitants. The people that live here use their Door for travel and trade. 
  • Mara: a rather hot planet, without major continents, made mostly of islands and oceans. They are known for their pop lizards, a species of reptile that burps methane and sets it on fire by creating a spark with its tongue and teeth.

There are water worlds and dead worlds, ice worlds and forest worlds, and each one is as diverse in peoples and environments as Earth or Sagitta.

Want a little taste? Then I offer you two short stories, both parallel in timeline to The Polylocus Door. Click here for more information!


Meet the cast.

Sagitta is filled with a large and complex cast and crew. From politicians to scientists to accountants to robot monkeys, you can rest assured that someone is always doing something interesting somewhere on Sagitta.

Let's start with just a few of the main characters:

  • Quin: Door Travel specialist and Lead Peacekeeper. He trains military personnel to travel through Doors, learn and adapt to other cultures, and responds to difficult Door-related situations. He also acts as the liaison between the military and the scientists at the Globe. Quin's father was a Globe scientist specializing in Planet Construction, and his mother was an architect, though she died when Quin was quite young. He enjoys chess and reading, and has known John since primary school.
  • John: Long time friends with Quin, scientist, and mathematician at the Globe Research Facility in Pomegranate City. His specialty is math--any kind of math--and inventing things. He was raised in an orphanage and enjoys eating pretzels and wearing interesting-looking ties. 
  • Kaia: John's one and only intern. She is a little shy, a brilliant mathematician, and dedicated to science and research. She grew up with her sister and then attended the Elusion Plains College of Advanced Science and Technology. She now lives with her cat, Jezebel, and her roommate, Jasmine. 
Left to right: Quin, John, Kaia.

Left to right: Quin, John, Kaia.

But that's not all. Each book has a unique set of characters, each with their own goals and aspirations. Here are examples of  just a few: 

  • Mr. Drake: John's boss at the Globe. Always yelling and shouting, but is mostly all bluster. He very much enjoys his job, though John drives him barmy.
  • Dr. Ailani Bey: The Director of the Globe. Classy, smart, and highly educated, she is both intimidating and respected by nearly everyone at the Globe.
  • Dr. Margaret Winkler: a scientist whose specialties are highly confidential, but extremely important to the workings of the Globe. She mostly works with the planet-building division, and is kind, intelligent, and mathematically-inclined.
  • Axel Vance: A politician and the liaison between the Globe and the Administrative Chair. He has his own goals and objectives, and will do anything to achieve them. He is respected in the government, but not well liked at the Globe.
  • Simon: A robot monkey with a mind of his own. He works for Auvek Oliphant who runs the William Oliphant, bookseller's shop in downtown Pomegranate City. 
  • Auvek Oliphant, accountant: an accountant, originally interned to William Oliphant, but now runs the bookshop on his own. Curious, smart, and a bit of a perfectionist, but well-liked by his customers.
  • Jo Nash: Daughter of the criminal mastermind, Andrew Nash, she has a lot of connections with the underworld but does her best to stay above board. 
  • Dr. Mika Rundell: Director of Technological Research at the Globe. She is extremely motivated, never stops working, and bold though not charismatic. She has Ph.D.s in Research and Development, Systems, and Business, and has two husbands and six children. 
  • Edna Oliphant, finder: Smart, savvy, and mildly annoyed at the world, she started her own business finding lost things. She is the first Edna Oliphant.
  • Meriym: She lives on Path, the planet built by Quin's father, Grise Black. One of the first people to move there, she is now the mayor of the town that has grown up. She has an adopted son, Kip and is now in a long-distance relationship with Quin.

Read The books.

The series begins when a large, consequential change is made to the way that the Doors operate, and follows as the Doors begin to reshape and change societal and cultural expectations, not just on Sagitta, but on planets all across the universe whose people rely on Doors for trade and resources.

Each book is its own story and can be read in any order, but chronologically-speaking, the books are ordered as follows:

Read more about the Sagittan Chronicles.

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What You didn't know you didn't know.

In other words, fun facts!

1. Sagittans live a lot longer than humans. Their lifespan is typically between 600 - 800 years. They are humanoid.

I made this in Paintbrush--that is how talented I am.

I made this in Paintbrush--that is how talented I am.

2. Sagitta (the planet) is in the shape of a torus. Pomegranate City (where most of the books are set) is on the inner rim. The outer rim is mostly desert. 

3. Earth was a science experiment by some scientists many millennia ago. They wanted to see the cultural impact of a species of a shorter lifespan so they built Earth and populated it with people that live 60 - 80 years.

4. There are aliens all over the universe! Below you will see Swift who is a Flighter from the planet Yuva, and Bob, the secretary at the Globe.

You haven't read this book yet.

You haven't read this book yet.

Bob is also blue.

Bob is also blue.

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