Can't quite get enough of the Sagittan Chronicles? Here you will find free short story downloads. Each is set at some point of the Sagittan Chronicles timeline. Enjoy!

Magret's Choice

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An unbearably cold winter. A broken Door. Hundreds of tribesmen missing, scattered across the universe. As if that weren't enough, Magret then discovers that she must choose between her mother's tribe and her father's--both of whom were exiled the same day she was born. Accompanied by an Elder from the Snojor tribe, she travels miles North to meet with the leader of the Kalt tribe, and discovers that sometimes the most obvious choice is not the most important.

This short story is set parallel to The Polylocus Problem.

Moke's Leap

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Ten thousand people stumble onto Path from a dying planet and set up camp on the outskirts of the main city on Path. At the same time, fire after fire is burning through the makeshift houses. Moke knows the firebug has to be stopped, but there is only so much he can do on his own. When the mayor, Meriym, makes him Fire Chief, he has to use all of his wits and knowledge of the town and its people to stop the deadly fires rushing through his beloved city.

This short story is set parallel to The Polylocus Problem.