Monster Encyclopedia: Szamos


If there is one monster that knows how to mind its own business, it’s the szamos. They’ll eat anything they run across, but other than that, they’re not too concerned with the goings on of monsters or humans. They run fast, upwards of 100 mph if they have room. The biggest issue most people have with them is that a szamos has an inordinate number of legs, with is rather disturbing to a lot of people. If you’re not freaked out by their legs, however, maybe you’ll join the szamos-riding club.

Szamos riding is a dangerous, stupid game teenagers and young adults play, where they find a herd, sneak up on them, and leap onto their backs. If you freak out one, the entire herd will start to run, and if you’re already on the back of one, you can fly like the wind. Fun, yes, until they notice you and decide you’d make a good lunch. Basically, don’t be dumb.


Szamos have wide, flat backs, hundreds of legs, two large horns on top of its head, and sharp, nasty teeth used for consuming meat. They have a high tolerance to pain, but if you’re trying to kill one, spearing it through the back of the neck is the best and easiest way to do it.

Recommendation: just stay out of their way, don’t ride them for fun, and stay carry a sharp spear.

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