Monster Encyclopedia: Koponya


A koponya is one of my favorite monsters, though, that might just be because I love the drawing so much. Koponyas are a little different in that they are protector monsters. Their sole responsibility or goal is to protect weak monsters from the strong. They tend to focus on infant monsters that don’t have the ability to protect themselves, as well as defenseless gargs, or ones they have deemed innocent. They will protect from other, larger gargs as well as from humans.

Koponyas are categorized as ghostly gargs. They are silent when they move, and have control of a hallucinogenic fog that they can use to control humans or other gargs (although less effectively). Koponyas are respected by most gargs, and are a sort of justice system in garg society. On rare occasions, they have even been seen to protect human children.

Your best bet for dealing with koponyas is to not kill monsters wantonly. Don’t kill monsters just for existing, and make sure you’re only doing so to protect yourself or because you have a real need. If you find yourself up against one, start by apologizing, and if that doesn’t work, use a sword and go for the eyes. But good luck, because the chances of you and all your friends surviving is slim. A better strategy would be to find opportunities to show mercy on monsters, to create a respectful relationship with the koponyas. They return favors in kind—and you never know when you might need a favor in a world filled with monsters.

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Let the garg’s blood rain!


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