Monster Encyclopedia: Fulek

First off, fuleks facilitate fun for fidgeting fancy foals (a little alliteration for you on a Tuesday). Fuleks came about because I wrote a bad chapter and needed to replace it with a different chapter, and I wanted to show that not all monsters are to be feared. All of the other monsters up until this point in the book (hulla, pok, gamba, rarohan, nagy, kover) had the main intention of killing and eating everything. But not fuleks.

Fuleks eat plants primarily, and because of their more passive nature, are sometimes preyed upon by other, larger monsters. As a result, they have evolved a type of spray (like a skunk) that is acidic in nature and can burn other monsters. This spray is used as a defense mechanism, but also sprayed around the area they inhabit to warn off other monsters. They have long legs, weird ears, and can run fast. Their coloring allows them to blend in with tall grasses and low bushes.


An interesting fact about fuleks is that they are both male and female (asexual). Each one has all the necessary means to reproduce, so they tend to live as “families” which typically consists of one parent and several children, or groups of parents, which is made up of two or three parents and their children (or grandchildren, as it may be). When too many fuleks are inhabiting an area, one parent takes one or two of their children and migrates to a new area.

Another fun fact: the Lamplighter’s Society brings fuleks into the properties of the safe houses that they maintain, to help keep other, larger monsters away. But I won’t say too much else about that because [spoilers!].

An even better fun fact: The book is available for sale! Click here to grab a copy.

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