Monster Encyclopedia: Fireworm

In celebration of the launch of Book 2: City of Dod, I made a color illustration of a monster called a fireworm.

fireworm 9edited.jpg

A fireworm is the biggest garg anyone has ever seen or recorded. It has a massive, snake-like body that can stretch as high as a skyscraper, and it is covered in flames. They are indiscriminate when it comes to food sources, and will eat anything from trees to humans to other monsters. If you encounter one, you might be lucky enough to be too small for it to notice--or you might not.

Recommendation: Basically, run.

The fireworm plays a small but important role in the book (it even has a chapter named after it!), so keep an eye out as you’re reading.

My favorite part of this illustration was probably buying all the different colors of orange, red, and yellow pens lol.

I also set up a few products with the fireworm on it in the store! A hoodie, for example, and a baby onesie (because what baby doesn’t need a onesie with a fireworm on it?).

At any rate, the most important thing you should know is that the City of Dod comes out on Sept 26 (tomorrow!). Click here to pre-order or buy the book!

COD - AS - Ebook Cover.jpg