Monster Encyclopedia: Duda


As far as friendly gargs go, a duda is one of the friendliest (not counting minkets, of course). Dudas are scavengers, a bit like raccoons. They’ll eat pretty much anything, but their favorite food is the leftovers of other gargs. They’ll eat slime, bugs, dead garg meat—and of course the usual fruits, nuts, and berries that grow naturally.

Dudas live in small families, usually of four to twenty. They’re a smallish garg, never larger than wolf-sized, with one long, curling horn, a long naked tail, and snippity snappity teeth. They have long hind legs so they can jump easily (in case their breakfast is scuttling away).

While, yes, they are relatively friendly and can be tamed, they won’t hesitate to declare open season on humans if their other food sources become scarce.

Recommendation—be nice but watch your back.

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