Monster Encyclopedia: Bogar

The bogar. Imagine a semi. Or a shed. Made with a metallic-like exterior, shaped like a giant bug. Filled with smaller bug versions of itself that swarm out and around and search for food and shelter. And this giant semi-shed-bug eats people, and is fast, and can smell you, and will hunt you down no matter where you go.

That’s a bogar. Here’s a picture:


If you find yourself staring down a bogar, my best advice for you would be to run. Forever. Hide. If you run far enough and fast enough, it might lose your scent, but you have to run faster than it does. Killing one is close to impossible. I’m not sure if it’s ever been done.

They do have an allergy to water, though, so maybe if you trap it in a swimming pool? Or maybe just live on an island—that could work too.

Anyway, I recommend avoiding these gargs at all cost. And good luck.

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