City of Dod is Here!

I’m excited to announce the release of Book 2 of my Land of Szornyek series, titled City of Dod.

COD - AS - Ebook Cover.jpg

Head down, mouth shut—this is Askari’s new mantra. A pall still hangs over the Baratok community from the rarohan attack only a few months before, and all Askari wants is to stay out of trouble and help her grieving community heal.

Until a stranger rides into camp. He offers her a chance to obtain something rare and valuable—monster blood with healing properties that could help prevent more of her people from dying. But when the mission goes wrong, she becomes the target of a relentless monster who won’t stop pursuing her until she and everyone around her are dead. Her only thought is to lead it away from the Baratok community, even if that means sacrificing herself.

Injured, scared, and with only Harcos and Shujaa to help her fight, Askari flees from the Baratok with the monster on her tail. As she runs, fights, overcomes injuries, and encounters unimaginable terrors, she begins to wonder if she’ll ever make it back home—or if she even wants to.

Click here for your copy.

I find myself in a bit of an odd position today, compared to all of my other book launches. This is my first launch since I went full time with my author career, and I’m finding myself more motivated than ever to get Book 3 (rough draft is nearly complete already) and Book 4 completed. Tentacles and Teeth has been extremely well received thus far, and more than anything, I want to finish the story! For myself, and for my readers.

If you’re enjoying the series and want to support me, check out my Patreon. You can folllow me for free and get monsters before everyone else, or you can provide financial support—only a dollar or two a month—to help provide a little bit more wiggle room to keep churning out the stories.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Thank you for your support.

<3 Ariele

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