The Globe [The Sagittan Chronicles Universe]

The Globe is an organization in The Sagittan Chronicles that manages and monitors all Doors and Door travel. It is closely tied to the government (like airports!) and houses a few government offices (which is why some characters think of it as the Globe Government building) but it is technically a privately operated business. 

Its main offices are located in downtown Pomegranate City. The building is tall, and looks essentially like a ball on a stick. 

See? I drew a picture. It's kind of old, and a little wrinkly. Not the building--the picture. 

See? I drew a picture. It's kind of old, and a little wrinkly. Not the building--the picture. 

The Globe houses the universally famous Vrata Soba, or Door Room. The Door Room is home to hundreds of Doors, each of which leads to a different location; some go to other areas on Sagitta, others lead to planets all across the universe. 

The Globe Center also boasts a variety of other interesting things: an interplanetary zoo, an observatory, laboratories for all different types of research, storage for dangerous items, a medical center for employees and guests, and of course a bajillion offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and the like.  

The Globe is run and operated by Dr. Ailani Bey, and her assistant Garret Addario. Operations are split into Research and Interplanetary Relations. Director of Research is Lars Drake, and the Director of Interplanetary Relations is Tom.

In the Research division, there are a variety of departments:

  • Planet Building
  • Medical Technology
  • Space Travel
  • Door Technology
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • Information Systems
  • Archaeology
  • Etc. (this is so I can add as many as I want as I write more books :P )

In the Interplanetary Relations division, there are fewer departments, but more employees in each department: 

  • Domestic Relations, including Interdepartmental Relations, Permits and Licensing, Finance, and HR
  • Interplanetary, including Immigration, Commerce, Ambassadors, and Peacekeepers.

Let me introduce you to some of the most important people in the Globe. You will meet them again when you read The Polylocus Problem.

  • Dr. Ailani Bey: The Administrator of the Globe. She is intelligent, witty, and intimidating (to some people), and rather aloof at times. She is flexible and good at managing people of all different personalities and temperaments. She has two children, and Ph.D.s in Communications, Technological Advancement, and Interplanetary Culture. She prioritizes competence over credentials or connections, and has a hands-off management style. But she still memorizes the names of every single employee at the Globe. 
  • Garrett Addario: Dr. Bey's assistant. He has a PH.D in Communications and a BA in Marketing, in addition to two off-planet degrees. He's super approachable (as compared to Dr. Bey's aloofness), and has a tendency to wear tie-dyed t-shirts to work. He knows everything about what's going on everywhere, and has an artistic temperament. He's single, in case you're looking.
  • Mr. Lars Drake is the Director of Research at the Globe. He appears frequently in the series as John's direct supervisor (John doesn't really have specific department--he just kind of bounces around). Mr. Drake is aggressive and intelligent, tends to bluster and yell, but provides excellent structure for creatives and scientists. He is good at delegating. John drives him bananas but he works well with Quin. 
  • Tom Draydon: Director of Interplanetary Relations at the Globe. He is even-keeled, good at staying calm in stressful situations. He is skilled at listening, and has experience in government. He prioritizes people who are willing to try to get along with others. Tom and Mr. Drake are in a monogamous long-term relationship.
  • Gloria Gundervik: She is the Primary Interdepartmental Liaison. She works to smooth relationships between different departments with different goals, working on the same projects or with the same equipment.   
  • Mr. Gavin Green: Head of Communications. He invented Green, Inc, the main operating system for the computers on Sagitta. He is independently wealthy but works for something to do, and for fun. He ensures that all the of the communications equipment and operations run smoothly at the Globe. 
  • Melissa Williams: Head of the Finance at the Globe. She reports directly to Dr. Bey. She loves to hike and is an amateur photographer. She does it to get her head out of the numbers that she's always working with. She is married.
  • Dr. Mika Rundell: Director of Technological Research, with Ph.D.s in Research and Development, Systems, and Business. She has 2 husbands and 6 children, seemingly endless energy, and is highly motivated and driven. 
  • Tara Normansen: Director of Door Immigration. She caused a lot of controversy when hired because she is an actual immigrant, moved to Pomegranate City from the planet Fjord. Some people thought she would be too lenient with iimmigrants, but supporters thought she would have a unique understanding of the challenges facing those trying to immigrate.
  • Dara Wellington: Chief of Commerce. Her goals are to make it as easy as possible for business owners to conduct their dealings using the Doors. She is a big fan of free market ideals, and is aggressive and opinionated. 
  • Siya Felland: Head Ambassador. She is a wise, elderly woman, focused on doing the best for others. Strong, curious, and dependable, she has lived in over a dozen other cultures for a good many years, is adaptable and able to understand the challenges that other people and cultures experience. 
  • Rock: Head of Security. Short, personable, and focused on getting the Globe as secure as possible. His predecessor was less than competent, so he has a big job on his hands, getting things up to par.  

The Globe is the main setting for The Polylocus Problem, and is heavily featured in the rest of the series. As you read through the books, you'll come to know these characters (and many others) much better. 

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