What if John and Quin Had iPhones?

Dear Blog Followers,

A couple of years ago, I did a blog tour for the release of The Wounded World (which most of you know is the first novel in my series). Content I created appeared on blogs all across the internet (12 of them, I think), and I wanted to share some of that content with you, as I prepare to launch myself into the holiday frenzy of craft fairs and book sales. I will spare you from the first post, which was simply an excerpt from the book (read that here), but jump immediately into the second: What if John and Quin Had iPhones?

That is all.

Enjoy. <3

Episode 1: The Spider

John isn't a fan of the outdoors--not in the slightest.

Episode 2: The Pre-Date Advice

We all have friends that give dating advice. John is one of those friends.

Episode 3: The Bad Jokes

Bad jokes are the best kind.