Animals With Blue Tongues [Blue Tongue Sonnet]

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Today I would like to discuss the phenomenon of blue tongues. I find it very interesting that, though we can mimic the idea of a blue tongue with food dye, there are animals in REAL LIFE who have blue tongues.

Also, have you ever thought that the word "tongue" is spelled very oddly? Why not just "tung?" We don't spell "lung" as "longue."

Anyway, moving along. Let's take a look at our first animal.

Did you know that giraffes have blue tongues? Well they do. But oddly enough, no research (that I found) is quite sure why. I'm smelling a conspiracy. I call it the "Blue Tongue" conspiracy. I think a group of government-funded aliens have secretly slipped their own animals onto our planet to try to manipulate evolution.

Unfortunately, the decreasing population of giraffes across the planet (known as the silent extinction) is likely the result of the aliens realizing the have failure their primary directive and are taking their spies home.

Okay so it's kind of a grayish black, but it's a bluish grey black, right?

Okay so it's kind of a grayish black, but it's a bluish grey black, right?

Okapis are giraffe's cousins, and they also have blue tongues. We don't know why this is either. We think this probably plays well with the alien conspiracy theory.

Weird tongues, too. Photo credit:

Weird tongues, too. Photo credit:

Chow Chows are a kind of dog with blue tongues. I know about Chow Chows because Josh is obsessed with dogs. Chow Chows are ridiculously adorable, like a cross between a dog and a teddy bear, but they are very possessive of their humans and can be aggressive with humans they don't know. But we also don't know why they evolved with blue tongues. (I wonder what blue tastes like?) Current theories suggests that chows were brought to this planet long ago to keep an eye on the development of the human race. We are uncertain of whether their presences here is related to the giraffes, but we do believe they come from the same alien planet due to their blue tongue. 


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On the other hand, we know exactly why blue-tongued skinks have blue tongues. It's to scare off predators. We are pretty sure skinks are just, well, Terran. (That means, "from Earth" for those of you that don't watch/read enough scifi.) 

It's the stuff of nightmares. Photo credit:

It's the stuff of nightmares.
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Now, here we have the extremely rare blue-tongued ariele, also a suspected alien plant, here to learn about humans and their way of life. Unlike the other alien creatures, the blue-tongued ariele can change the colour of her tongue to better blend in with humans.

Public Service Announcement: If your tongue is actually bluish or grey and it is not from food dye, GO TO THE DOCTOR. This is typically caused by a lack of oxygen to the organ and could be indicative of a serious medical problem.

And now to soundly round out this blog post, I bring you the latest and greatest sonnet by me:

The Blue-Tongue Sonnet

Have you ever seen a tongue that is blue
And wondered why it is different than yours?
I will tell, but please don't reveal your source:
The blue-tongued animals are watching you.

Each day they work with the government to
Keep an eye on the people walking by,
Minding their own business under the sky,
Unaware they all are closely watched too.

So do your best to avoid all these foes.
We do not know what their intentions be--
Chow chows, giraffes, and even okapi,
Are all watching you, so keep on your toes.

The aliens are never far away,
Their blue tongues and giraffes are here to stay.

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