Beekeeping Things: Peter and Ariele Catch a Late Swarm [Video Series]


I'm at it again! Beekeeping videos! This one was taken last year towards the end of August, as I helped my Dad catch a swarm that had been up in a tree long enough to make comb, while simultaneously asking a series of questions that demonstrate my ignorance of beekeeping. Late swarms have decreased chances of surviving the winter, as the colony hasn't had the entire summer to stock up on honey. With the help of a beekeeper, however, their chances jump back up again.

It's this time of year when I miss living close to Dad. This week he's already caught 3 swarms, and who knows how many more are waiting for the beekeeper of their dreams to ride in on a white horse and sweep them off of their tree branch. I could be helping. Instead, I'm writing blog posts about bees. Although, that's fun too.

"So why not get your own hive, Ariele?" you ask.



In the meantime, while I contemplate the best strategy for acquiring my first hives (step 1: move out of downtown, silly), I will share old beekeeping videos with you.