Beekeeping Things: A Hive on a House


There are two basic strategies for bee removal. The first is cutting a hole in the house or barn or building in question and taking the bees out. In today's Beekeeping Things video, Dad explains the second strategy, "The Funnel Method." 

The Funnel Method is a standard practice which allows the beekeeper to avoid any construction-related activities, however, it does take at least a month to complete successfully.

The beekeeper takes a funnel and put its in front of the entrance to the hive, making it so that the bees can get out, but they can't get back in. The funnel is a cone made from window screen. The bees crawl out through the funnel, and when they return, they attempt to go back in the hole at the base of the cone, rather than flying into the wide end. 

Next to the funnel, the beekeeper places a beehive. Eventually, the worker bees will decide to move into the beehive next to the funnel. The hive should have brood comb in it and will make a new queen for themselves.

After a few weeks, the beekeeper will come and remove the funnel. Then the worker bees will go steal the honey from the old hive. The old queen is probably dead at this point.

What you can't see in this video, is that Dad placed a funnel on the porch roof of the house where the hive was located, so that the confused worker bees will have a new place to call home. Voila! 

As Dad said, "Keep your hive tool sharp and enjoy the bees!"

And stay tuned for news on Rutherford's newest adventure: Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Visits the Apiary!

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