3...2...1... Dinosaurs! [Spoilers]


For Father's Day we went to see Jurassic Park with Josh's family and I loved it. I think the title of this blog pretty much sums it up, though. The plot was basically the same plot as the first movie, just with different dinosaurs and different actors, but to me it doesn't matter in the slightest. Dinosaurs are SO COOL, especially with modern animation and special effects. Dinosaurs are cool.

I loved the ankylosaurus, even though they died. But to be fair, all the dinosaurs died, except for [SPOILER] the T-Rex, Blue the Raptor, the big fish dinosaur, and Burt Macklin*, FBI Agent and wanna be dinosaur. 

Here is a quick plot summary: 

3...2...1... Dinosaurs!

1. Little kid who loves dinosaurs (and snotty teenage brother)


2. Dinosaur Amusement Park


3. Dinosaurs in cages and pools

jurassic (4).gif

4. Training Dinosaurs


5. Dinosaur Hybrid


6. Dinosaur Hybrid escapes


7. Being chased by Dinosaur Hybrid


8. Dinosaur Hybrid breaks things


9. Dinosaur Hybrid kills other Dinosaurs


10. Dinosaurs chase you again


11. Dinosaurs chase dinosaurs


12. Epic Dinosaur fight**


13. Dead Dinosaur Hybrid


14. One Dinosaur to rule them

jurassic (16.gif

Aaaaand that's about it, folks. 

I like TV shows way better than movies, because I like the complexity of plot that goes into a TV show. But there aren't very many shows with Dinosaurs in them, and the only one I can think of (Terra Nova) got cancelled after one season (WHAT!!?). So, if you need a Dinosaur fix, definitely go watch Jurassic Park, if only to watch Burt Macklin, FBI, work his magic.

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*(PS His character was much better in Guardians of the Galaxy--he got the short end of the script in this movie, for sure).

**PPS All gifs came from giphy.com except for this one and the next one which were from this sweet article, and the last one which came from here