10 Pieces of Furniture Every Writer Needs

Far be it for me to dictate what every writer needs, but I think when you see this list, you will agree. There are just some things you can't live without. For some people, it's coffee. For others, it's chocolate. But for writers, it's these amazing pieces of furniture.

1. Lamp

The best place to start is with this duck lamp. Everyone needs this duck lamp. Not only does it provide light and act as a conversation starter, it also serves to stimulate the imagination. I mean, think about it... an alien race with avian roots with light bulbs instead of faces that are biologically programmed to be solar powered...

This duck lamp would look great on your desk, in your living room, or out front in your lawn.

2. Chair

One of the most crucial parts of being a writer is comfort. In order to be a successful writer, you must have someplace to sit that you can trust and count on. This sheep chair is the perfect chair: soft, fuzzy, and it will keep away anyone who is trying to distract you from writing. It can also help you brainstorm characterization. The sheep on the left is Character 1 and is moody, intelligent, and remorseful...

This chair will look great in your office, at your dining room table, or on your porch.

3. Desk

As a writer, you will spend copious amounts of time sitting at a desk. As a result, you will need to have the right desk to inspire your creativity. I think rhinoceroses are incredibly inspiring, so this one should do it. It even has drawers to put little pieces of paper with ideas written on them, small stones you have collected, or feathers from local birds. Some of the ideas you could come up with while sitting at this desk include new types of technology, a scheme for smuggled rhino horns, or the intestinal system of an alien bug...

Most people put desks in their office but if you want to switch things up, this particular desk would look amazing in a bedroom, in a bathroom, or in the yard where it can freak out passersby.  

4. Bed

Everyone needs to sleep, but why not sleep while also practicing high speed car chases? I mean, look at this bed. It's cool, it's fun, and it's the perfect bed to help you brainstorm and construct scenes that take place in cars. All you need to do is install some flashing lights or some speakers for siren sound effects and you'll have everything you need for a chase.

Most people put beds in their bedroom. Other interesting rooms for bed placement include the attic, the basement, and the living room.

5. Couch

It's common knowledge that writers need to read, and a comfortable couch is a good way to go. This one, in particular, is awesome for reading outside. Just sit back, open your book, and enjoy the afternoon. It's also a fantastic way to brainstorm how people in other societies live--maybe they take all their furniture outdoors and going "indoors" is a treat!

This couch would look best in the front yard, in the living room, or in the attic, but needs to be trimmed every few days.

6. Dresser

Clothes. Everybody wears 'em. If you're going to wear'em, you need to store'em. Thus, I suggest this dresser, which is not only the ultimate storage location for clothes, but also a best friend. I mean, look at it: instead of sitting alone in the house all day, writing, you can talk to this cheerful friend? Who better than this dresser? A good friend, a good set of drawers, and someone so that you don't have to talk to yourself. Then people won't think you're going crazy when you start brainstorming your new idea for a organic helicopter out loud.

This dresser would not only look great in a bedroom or closet, but also in a living room or in your office--so you don't have to head anywhere else for a chat.

7. Bookcase

They say if you're having writers block, you should kill of a character. There is no better reminder of this than a bookcase shaped like a coffin. You can even organize your books by how many characters die in them--George R. R. Martin's series would be right at the top. So while you're working, all you need to do is glance up and suddenly ideas for your main character's demise will begin rushing through your brain.

A classy bookcase like this would look spectacular in  your living room, bedroom, or office. 

8. Clock

Ugh, clocks are the worst. They either run too slowly or run too quickly, with either way too much time or not enough. Unfortunately, we need them to tell us when we are and aren't being productive. This clock in particular offers one excellent benefit, however: it reminds us of how hungry we are when we're trying to work. It says, "You need breakfast" at all times of day or night. What more could you want from a clock?

This clock would look excellent in an office, living room, or anywhere else you spend time working. 

9. Artwork

There's nothing worse for creativity than sitting in a boring room with empty walls. Good artwork is critical to the creative process. This particular piece of art is an awesome choice for acceptable wall art. This octopus tentacle will inspire you to accurately describe the monsters swimming in an alien ocean, the magic of the suckers on Octopus legs, and the personality of an odd-tempered Welshman.

This beautiful sculpture would look amazing on any wall in the house--particularly the bathroom, to startle unsuspecting guests.

10. Cat Hangers

Got cats? Probably, if you're a writer. Or at least some other sort of pet. If you have cats, then you will need a secure and safe way to store them--so why not cat hangers? These cat hangers are durable and flexible, able to support and store any size or shape cat. I recommend grabbing some right away, before they sell out.

These hangers can work great in a closet, on a doorknob, or on any sort of horizontal bar or pole.

What furniture do you have in your house that inspires you and helps you write?

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