Wounded World Book Trailer: Behind the Scenes

Last month, I worked with some absolutely amazing human beings to create a book trailer for my upcoming novel, The Wounded World. Not only do I adore the art that was created, but I loved working with such a driven, cheerful, and professional team. Hats off to Julie Lawlor and Evan Sieling.

The book trailer was hatched as part of a larger scheme to promote the release of The Wounded World, and thus far we have received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Check it out!

Some of my favourite bits are the first shot, of Evan's foot coming down with a boom; the heartbeat sound effects; the ticking clock sound effects; the running fast shot from the side; and the very end when it ends with THE WOUNDED WORLD in big text. 

The process went something like this: 

  1. Ariele had an idea.
  2. Ariele talked to Julie. Julie was on board.
  3. Ariele talked to Evan. Evan was on board.
  4. Evan flew to NH.
  5. The crew did 2 hours of filming.
  6. Evan went home.
  7. Julie pieced together the trailer.
  8. Evan built the soundtrack.
  9. Julie put the pieces together.
  10. Ariele loved it and suggested some minor changes.
  11. Evan and Julie made said minor changes.
  12. It was published. Wooooooo!

During filming, Ariele's other friend, Josh, took some additional video footage, just for kicks. 

All in all, we had perfect weather (despite the downpour that happened 20 min before filming) and the whole project was seamless. Here are a few pictures.

Stay tuned for the release of The Wounded World on October 9th!!!