Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Over the last few months I have been engaged in a blog tour to promote the launch of my most recent book, The Wounded World. During this time I have been hosted by a number of wonderful authors, and in return I would like to send a shout-out to each of them. Please check out their work, buy their books, and find them on social media. Buying an author's book might be the best gift you can give them this holiday season!

  1. Zoe Cannon hosted the first blog on my tour, an excerpt of The Wounded World. Her YA dystopian Internal Series is interesting, intense, and dark. Check out her books if you like intrigue!
  2. The second stop on my blog tour was to H.S. Stone's site, where he hosted a post about what would happen if my main characters had iPhones.  H.S. Stone is a young adult speculative fiction author with 5 novels out and several short stories.
  3. Amy Rachiele's blog was my next stop! She hosted a post wherein my main character, Quin, goes on a date. Rachiele's mobster, alpha male romances are exciting, steamy, and fun.
  4. Next up: J. Zachary Pike hosted a few fun facts about my universe! If you're looking for a light, humorous, science fiction read - go no further. Zack's Orconomics will have you chuckling all the way through.
  5. K.W. Keith is another romance author, and she hosted a post about some of the technology I played with in my novels, including Doors and the eco-friendly house. Steamy and filled with intrigue, her books are sure to delight any romance fan.
  6. Urban fantasy and zombies is how I would describe R.T. Donlon, author of Walls. He graciously hosted my post about why my main planet is shaped like a donut.
  7. Being in love with words the way I am, my next post was about exactly that. I was hosted by contemporary romance and women's fiction author Susan Ann Wall during NH Writer's week.
  8. A post identifying movie actors to play my characters was up next! Thanks to Sarah Dalton, YA speculative fiction author from South Yorkshire. Fun fact: neither of us drinks coffee!
  9. Can't have too much back story, and so you'll find some of mine on author Jamie Campbell's blog. Jamie writes across several genres, including ghost stories, teenage love stories, and murder mysteries.
  10. Finally, meet Katie French, who hosted my post on building planets. Check out her YA dystopian series The Breeders for a little post-Christmas fun (or not fun).

There you have it: all ten in a row. I am extremely grateful to each of these authors for kindly hosting me on their blog. Check out and buy their books, find them on social media, and tell them I sent you.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!