What Happens When BOTH Your Teams Make the Super Bowl?


This is a situation of “be careful what you wish for.” I’m a New England girl through and through, born and raised. As an adult, I explored regions beyond New England and met Hero Husband, an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. The first time he took me to the Emerald City (for our 3rd anniversary in 1999), I instantly fell in love with everything about Seattle. The beauty, the atmosphere, the sports. We lived in Seattle for a time and Crazy Son was even born there. Even though we are now rooted in New Hampshire, we visit Seattle whenever we can. I even use Seattle as the setting for my contemporary romance series, Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love, which currently features four novels with at least six more planned (Book 3 is FREE January 30 – February 3 … keep reading for details).

I’m not a die-hard football fan, mostly because we don’t have cable TV so it is hard to follow. But I do enjoy watching the game and being a New England gal, I always root for the New England Patriots.

Except when they play the Seahawks.

Last year, I hoped for a Patriots/Seahawks match-up and in hindsight, I’m glad the Broncos squashed that because now here I am with a dream Super Bowl, my AFC team, my NFC team, and I have to pick a side: the team where my roots are planted deep or the team where my branches have reached and long to be.

How do you pick?

It’s the difference between disappointment and devastation.

Last year when the Patriots lost to the Broncos in the AFC Championship game, I was disappointed. We wouldn't get to see our New England team advance to the Super Bowl and let’s be honest, the Pats did not play well that game. 

This year, watching the Seahawks nearly throw the NFC Championship away, I felt devastated. BUT, thank goodness the Hawks came back and watching the footage is simply mind-blowing. What a story of never giving up and always believing. It’s the stuff romance novels are made of. And that’s when I knew who I would root for. Devastation is definitely a more powerful emotion than disappointment, so my own internal responses drove that decision. 

While my choice probably disappoints my fellow New Englanders, I’m proud to stay true to my heart, to the city I hope to someday live in again, and to call myself one of the 12s.

Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl XLIX?


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