Valentine's Day Is Happy and Sad

Valentine's Day is on Saturday, and although most people use it as an excuse to go out to dinner, eat chocolate, and buy gifts for their significant other (happy) it's actually about death and sacrifice (sad).

The entire day is built on martyrdom. There is some mystery about which St. Valentine (or Valentinus) the holiday is built on, but all three of the St. Valentines recognized by the Catholic Church were martyred. One Valentine defied the decree by Emperor Claudius II that young men shouldn't marry because they made better soldiers unmarried, by continuing to marry young lovers in secret. He was executed once caught. Another story describes Valentine as helping Christians escape from harsh Roman prisons. Another deed worth execution.

Finally, in the most "romantic" story of all, an imprisoned Valentine falls in love with a girl that visited him in prison before his execution. He supposedly wrote her a letter, which he signed, "From Your Valentine," a phrase which probably sounds familiar to you.

At least all of the stories celebrate a great man, who was working to do good for his fellow humans. But instead of giving gifts and eating an expensive dinner, my preferred Valentine's Day activity (single or not) involves pajamas, burrito bowls, and Netflix.

So to celebrate, I have compiled a list of sad and happy romantic Valentine's Day Netflix science fiction treats. I hope you watch them all in one day.


Doctor Who Season 2: In which the Doctor and Rose are in love, but separated by a universe or two.



The Last Episode of Futurama: In which Fry and Leela get to live their entire lives together... twice.



Dollhouse (the whole thing or the last episode): in which Paul dies and Echo puts him in her brain (sounds weird, but it makes sense when you watch the show). 



Syfy's Alice: in which Alice chases down her boyfriend, only to find out he's a jerk and hooks up with Hatter instead (this is a good call on Alice's part--Hatter is much cuter).



Jericho: just... the whole thing. I mean, it's the end of the world! The whole thing is happy and sad. And it has more than enough romance in it.



And there you have it, happy and sad TV shows to watch on Netflix or Hulu or Youtube or TV in your pajamas while eating a burrito bowl in bed. There are of course, far more scifi shows with romance than the 5 I've listed here. Eureka gets ridiculously (and hilariously) over-dramatically romantic, Battlestar Galactica has some good stuff in it, and of course Stargate Universe is one of my all time favourites. 

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's Day, whether my recommended cheap Netflix and burrito bowls, or an expensive night out, and whether you take your favourite human or go it alone, I hope you have a pleasant, and relaxing non-holiday.