The Lonely Whelk Hangover

In case you hadn't heard, I recently released a new novel called The Lonely Whelk. You can buy it on Amazon.

The Lonely Whelk was a bear to edit. An absolute bear. And not the nice kind of bear, like koalas and teddys. This kind of bear:

angry bear.gif

The reason? It was bad.

When I started edits on the book, the plot was confusing and incomplete, half of the characters were shallow and had no development, and I wrote it in a tone that said, "la la la, I'm writing a book and dancing in rainbow puddles" not "this is a book that I might want to publish some day." So, yeah. It was bad.

The four months of editing were gruesome: hair-tearing out, drawing insane diagrams on the wall, piles of metaphorical crumpled paper in the waste baskets, and empty ice cream buckets all over the floor. By the end, I was 9/10 of the way to completely insane, and nearing the finish line fast.


It was like a break-up. I had to break myself away from my old book, and turn it into something new.

And that's what I did.

It's better now. :)

I released The Lonely Whelk on May 2, and can I say, I was never so glad to be done with the stupid thing as on that day. It was done. It is done. Relief, excitement, exhilaration...

...and minions. Having adorable little seizures.


Of course, it's not as if I can stop thinking about the book for a while. Now I'm into the marketing and marketing and more marketing part. FacebookTwitterGoogle+InstagramGoodreadsLinkedIn, my blog... even in real life! Follow me everywhere - or don't. Your choice. But no, do it. I share a lot of cat pictures.

While I spend my time littering the internet with cat photos and links to my book, I am thrilled to begin working on my next book, The Wounded World. I'm super excited about it because it's awesome. And Quin (for those of you who have read the other books) might have a love interest [hint #1].

It will be out in October - so be prepared. October 9th, here we come! Keep your eyes peeled for hints and clues about what's in the next book over the next few months!

Meanwhile, this next book and I will be boxing. Until we are both appropriately punched into shape.


Long story short: if you want to help me out, you can buy my book, write a review, and share stuff on social media. Or come to my events if you're in the area. I'd love to see and/or meet you!