The CreateSpace Fiasco of 2013


I recently received an email from a friend. Essentially, he said, "I bought your book from Amazon. It didn't end."

Panicking slightly, I darted over to my box of books, and sure enough, it ended on a cliffhanger, and the last thirty pages were missing. This is, shall we say, a rather debilitating experience, one that is far more likely to happen with a huge printer like Createspace (an Amazon affiliate) than with a small or local printer.

So what did I do about it? My first thought was, "is this my fault?" and to find out, I went directly to my file. The file had all 203 pages. I went online, to look at the files I uploaded there - sure enough, all 203 pages. I immediately called CreateSpace. They were mostly helpful, although the woman on the other end kept telling me it was my fault - and the truth is, it could have been... but I'm not sure how. My only thought is that when I uploaded the file, the upload got interrupted somehow.

At any rate, they sent me a new box of books. If you bought my book through Amazon/CreateSpace and it ends on page 179... that's not the whole book! You can contact me for a free ebook copy so you can finish it, or you can contact CreateSpace and they will send you a new copy.

Lessons learned:

  • Always check every single page with the online internal file reviewer when using CreateSpace.
  • Tell all friends about this experience with CreateSpace, so they can check their books, too.